Lecturer, Industrial Engineering

Stanley R Cronk, PhD, PE

Living with the Lab

This site contains information on the project-based first year engineering curriculum at Louisiana Tech. The site is maintained by Dr. David Hall.

Useful Links

Here are links that students in my classes may find useful.

Cornell University Ergonomics

This is a great web site with lots of information and tools useful in the ergonomics field.

Arduino Home Page

From here, you can download the latest Arduino programming environment, programming tutorials, etc.

Revised Quick Exposure Check

Useful for quickly determining if a job may cause harm to a worker.

Parallax home page

From here, you can download the latest version of the PBASIC editor and information on most of the sensors available for ENGR 122 projects. You can also purchase replacement parts for the Boe-Bot.

Applications Manual for the NIOSH Lift Equation

Commonly used tool for evaluating the risk of injury due to lifting tasks.

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