I grew up in Minnesota, starting in the Twin Cities (around Minneapolis), and got my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Morris, a selective small liberal arts college. Following that, I moved back to the Twin Cities, getting my PhD in Physical Chemistry at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During that time, I got married to DeEtte and had my first son, Tommy. Then, I went all around, starting in Athens, Greece for a one year postdoc at National Technical University Athens. During that year, my son Lucas was born. Next, I went to Richland, Washington (which is in the middle of the desert by the way) for three years doing a postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Ashton, my third and final son was born during that time. I have been in Ruston since 2007, which is approaching familiarity.

Most of my off-work time is devoted to my family, but I have a variety of interests. These often relate to family issues, including coaching baseball and managing a travel baseball team. Much of the rest of my personal time is trying to stay in a reasonable amount of physical shape, which includes my boys a lot of the time in the gym. I have also taken up more reading as of late, since I can't seem to find very many television shows that keep my interest. As far as my family, we all work/go to school on LA Tech's campus with my kids going to AEP Elementary (except my oldest, who is staring high school), my wife teaching 6-7th grade ELA there. My oldest son is mostly into being a teenager (what fun), but also big into football, in which he plays offensive guard. My middle child is the politician of the family, getting along with almost everybody, but also having exceptional music ability. My youngest is the most outgoing and active. He prefers anything that allows him to talk or move around.