I grew up in Minnesota, starting in the Twin Cities (around Minneapolis), and got my undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Morris, a selective small liberal arts college. Following that, I moved back to the Twin Cities, getting my PhD in physical chemistry at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During that time, I got married to DeEtte and had my first son, Tommy. Then, I went all around, starting in Athens, Greece for a one year postdoc at National Technical University Athens. During that year, my son Lucas was born. Next, I went to Richland, Washington (which is in the middle of the desert by the way) for three years doing a postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Ashton, my third and final son was born during that time. I am finally here in Ruston, LA, in which I am getting reaquainted with humidity. I don't really have any personal hobbies right now, since I have three young boys and a demanding job, but I do a lot with the boys. Lately it appears the kids' sports has taken up most of my time. My oldest (Tommy) is playing football as offensive guard, my middle (Lucas) is in to baseball, and my youngest (Ashton) is into charming others. The top picture is from Florida visiting my parents, who are Minnesota/Florida snowbirds (notice the timestamp). On the bottom is an older picture of my family right before we left Richland, WA in 2007 near the Columbia River. Notice the curly hair of Lucas, which he grew out of the next year.