Louisiana Tech Biomedical Engineering-DeCoster Lab

Cellular Neuroscience Lab                

Laboratory: Principal Investigator, Mark A. DeCoster, Ph.D. Professor (Tenured). James E. Wyche III Endowed Professor of Engineering


Our Lab is focussed on Cellular Neuroscience. We use and develop nanotechnology tools to study the normal and diseased nervous system including cancer. Below are some current and past personnel.

Lab Personnel (Including Alumni):

16 December 2019
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    1. Current Research Projects, Publications, and General information:

      1. "Generation of Scalable, Metallic High-Aspect Ratio Nanocomposites in a Biological Liquid Medium", by Kinsey Cotton Kelly, Jessica R. Wasserman, Sneha Deodhar, Justin Huckaby, and Mark A. DeCoster; published in: JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), Issue 101, pages e52901 (July 2015).--- Over 1,000 views so far from more that 66 institutions world-wide.

      2. "High-Aspect Ratio Bio-Metallic Nanocomposites for Cellular Interactions", by Sneha Deodhar, Justin Huckaby, Miles Delahoussaye, and Mark A. DeCoster; published in: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 64, Issue 1. Pages 012014. [Full text content available online]. --- Over 180 downloads of this manuscript so far.


      The Lab currently has/ has had, funding from the following sources:

      1. [Completed]: National Science Foundation (NSF) Award #1547693: EAGER

      2. NSF award: #1632891- Current

      3. James E. Wyche III Endowed Professorship (via Louisiana Tech University)


      Dr. DeCoster's Offices: Biomedical Engineering Center (BEC) room 210 (phone: 318-257-5233); Institute for Micromanufacturing (IFM), room 215, (phone: 318-257-5118).