Engineering 121 - Engineering Problem Solving II

Fall Quarter 2014 Schedule

Things to bring to class: L = Laptop R = Robot M = Multimeter T = all Tools W = water bottles  
Color code for topics: Projects / Hands-on Fundamentals  Software Communication Broadening / Design Assessment
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R - Sept 4
L, T

Course Overview

Introduction to the Fishtank Project
Fabrication of Fishtank Platform

fishtank project assignment
fishtank platform fabrication
homework 1

T - Sept 9
L, T, FT

Fabrication of Conductivity Sensor - Group A (teams of 2)
Fabrication of Reservoir - Group B (teams of 2)
Assembly of Fishtank Flow Loop & Wiring

conductivity sensor fabrication - PowerPoint
(video1, video2, video3, video4, video5)
fishtank reservoir fabrication - PowerPoint
(video1, video2)
homework 2

R - Sept 11
L, T, R, FT

Salt Water Chemistry - Conductivity Sensor Circuit
LCD Wiring & Programming
Fabrication of Conductivity Sensor - Group B (teams of 2)
Fabrication of Reservoir - Group A (teams of 2)
Assembly of Fishtank Flow Loop & Wiring

conductivity sensor intro: PP and PDF
LCD wiring & programming
conductivity measurement system
homework 3

T - Sept 16
L, FT, M, W

Salt Water Chemistry - % Weight
Calibration of Conductivity Sensors

salt water chemistry - % weight
conductivity sensor calibration
homework 4

R - Sept 18
L, M, FT

Global & Societal Issue #1 Presentation and Discussion
Conservation of Mass - Introduction and Batch Problems
Implement Transistors on Breadboard to Switch LEDs
Run Program to Switch LEDs

Semiconductors and Transistors

conservation of mass - introduction
extended solution for class problem
using a transistor to switch an LED
transistor theory
homework 5

T - Sept 23
L, T, FT

Quiz 1
Conservation of Mass - Rate Problems
Switching with Relays - Robot Current Limits, Power Supplies, Coil Voltage
and Current, Switched Current, On-Board Voltage Regulator (1A), . . .

conservation of mass - rate problem
cascaded switching of a solenoid valve
homework 6

R - Sept 25
L, R, M

On-Off Control of Salinity
Upper & Lower Control Limits
Deadtime Compensation
Material Balance for Fishtank Salinity Control

control of salinity
material balance problem
homework 7

T - Sept 30

Preparation for Salinity Control Testing
(Recalibration, Random Error Determination, Deadtime Compensation,

Fitting, UCL, LCL, Control Equations, LCD Display Requirements)

preparation for salinity testing
flowchart for sketch
fishtank programming tips
evaluation of salinity control
homework 8

R - Oct 2

Testing of Salinity Control Systems

homework 9

T - Oct 7

exam 1 - in class

formula sheet
material balance problems

material balance solutions
2011 exam 1
2012 exam 1
2013 exam 1

R - Oct 9

Design of RTDs - Resistor Design
Using SolidWorks to Draw Resistor Pattern
Global & Societal #2 - Discussion

temperature measurement & RTDs
SW template
tips for drawing RTD pattern
homework 10

T - Oct 14
FT, L, M

Conservation of Energy - Response Time of Heater
In-Class Problem to Compute Response Time

RTD Circuit

conservation of energy notes
conservation of energy PP
RTD circuit and potentiometer
homework 11

R - Oct 16
L, FT, M

Fabrication of RTD Lecture - Processes & Equipment
Fabrication of RTDs (one group at a time)
System Wiring & Programming (when not fabricating RTD)

RTD fabrication
thermistor waterproofing
homework 12

T - Oct 21
L, FT, M

Fabrication of RTD Lecture - Processes & Equipment
Fabrication of RTDs (one group at a time)
System Wiring & Programming (when not fabricating RTD)

continuation of class 13
homework 13

R - Oct 23
L, T

Measuring RTDs
Attaching leads to RTDs
Sealing RTDs
Preparation for Calibration

heater fabrication
characterization and preparation of RTDs
homework 14

T - Oct 28
L, FT, W

Quiz 2
Calibration of RTDs and Final Fishtank Programming

calibraiton of RTDs
calibration of thermistors
RTD resistance variation with temperature
evaluation of fishtank control
homework 15

R - Oct 30
L, FT, W

Fishtank Systems Due
Instructor Checks for Working Systems
presentation tips
grading sheet for presentations
homework 16

T - Nov 4

Seven Minute Team Fishtank Project Presentations

homework 17

R - Nov 6
L, FT Parts

Course Assessment
Return of Parts (valves, heaters, reservoirs, relays, . . .)
Exam Review

homework 18

T - Nov 11

exam 2 - in class