HNRS 122 and ENGR 122 - Engineering Problem Solving III

Fall Quarter 2015 Schedule

Things to bring to class: L = Laptop R = Robot M = Multimeter T = all Tools    
Color code for topics: Projects / Hands-on Fundamentals  Software Communication Broadening / Design Assessment
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R - Sept 10

Course Overview
Major Activity for ENGR 122: Innovative Product Design
Ten Faces of Innovation - The Bug List
Statics: Units, Force Components, Resultants
Sensors: Ultrasonic

the bug list
statics: units, forces and resultants
sensor: PING))) with Arduino
sensor: IR object detection
homework 1

T - Sept 15
L, R

Statics: Newton's Laws; Static Equilibrium for 2D
Statics - Simultaneous Equations in Mathcad
Sensors: Accelerometer

statics: equilibrium
alligator problem: PDF and Mathcad
sensor: ADXL335 accelerometer
Mathcad keystroke cheat sheet
homework 2

R - Sept 17
L, R, M

Sensors: RF Transmitter / Receiver Pair (Indepenent Learning)
In-Class Maze Competition

sensor: RF transmitter and receiver
RF transmitter / receiver datasheet
homework 3
Mathcad solve block example

T - Sept 22

Statics: Moments and Torque
Global & Societal Issue #1 Presentation and Discussion
Sensors: RFID

statics: moments and torques
calculations & units (Mathcad or PDF)
plots (Mathcad or PDF)
sensor: RFID
homework 4

R - Sept 24
L, R, T

Statics: Equilibrium of Non-Concurrent Force Systems (beams)
Servo Gearbox Characterization (Teams of 2)

statics: equilibrium of beams
servo box characterization
homework 5

T - Sept 29

Gears - Number of Teeth, Torque, Diameter Relationships
Sensors: Rotary Encoders and Interrupts
Foam Core Prototyping

statics: torque and RPM of gears
sensor: rotary encoder & interrupts
foam core prototyping
homework 6

R - Oct 1
L, R, T

10 Faces of Innovation - Recognizing Contributions
Servo Potential Energy Change, Electrical Power Usage & Efficiency
Determination of Servo Efficiency as a Function of Speed

Ten Faces of Innovation
measuring servo efficiency
homework 7

T - Oct 6

Mind Maps
IDEO Video (22:48)
Requirements for Innovative Product Design Project
5 Step IDEO Methodology and Discussion of Design Process
Shearing, Bending and Riveting

mind maps and concept maps
design project - the beginning
sheet metal prototyping
homework 8

R - Oct 8

Application of IDEO Process to Design Problem
Brainstorm to Generate Potential Solutions for your Design
Narrowing to Develop Design Concepts
Pugh Method for Weighting Conceptual Designs
Exam Review

implementing the IDEO design process
tips for brainstorming
Pugh method for evaluating concepts
homework 9

T - Oct 13

exam 1
this is a closed book exam
sections 002 and 002 meet in CTLH 344 (Carson-Taylor Hall)

2010 exam 1
2011 exam 1... (solution)
2012 exam 1
2013 exam 1
2014 exam 1 ...(solution)

R - Oct 15

1st Prototype Due
Actuation: Linkages and Mechanisms
Development of Sensor List
Sensor Distribution Procedure
Rules for Using Equipment
Student Presentations on Concepts with Instructor and Class Feedback

sensors that can be checked out
photos of available gear motors
part check-out sheet
linkages and mechanisms
homework 10

T - Oct 20

Engineering Economics
2nd Prototype Due - Should Demonstrate Form and Function

engineering economics:basic concepts
details of design expo
homework 11

R - Oct 22
L, T

Engineering Economics
Project Work
Demonstrate that 1st Sensor is Woking

engineering economics: cash flow diagrams
homework 12

T - Oct 27
L, T

Engineering Economics
3rd Protype Due - Project Begins to Take Shape with Sensors/Output Devices
Project Work

engineering economics: uniform series
homework 13

R - Oct 29
L, T

Quiz 1
Engineering Economics Class Problems

Global & Societal Issue #2 Discussion
Project Work

engineering economics: summary of formulas
engineering economics: example problems
problem solutions (Mathcad or PDF)
homework 14

T - Nov 3
L, T

Project Work

no notes
no homework

R - Nov 5
L, T

Project Work no notes
homework 15 - design journal

M - Nov 9

Freshman Projects Exposition
project setup from 3 - 4:15 p.m.; opening ceremonies at 4:20 p.m.
Student Center - Tonk 
Bring Your Completed Projects - Professional Attire Required

project grading
team evaluation form
expo program

R - Nov 12

Course Assessment
Exam Review

no notes
R - Nov 12

Parts Return
You must return your borrowed parts to Dr. Hall on or before this day. Dr. Hall will be in his office from 2 p.m. - 3:50 p.m. on day..


M - Nov 16

exam 2
this is a closed book exam

sections 002 and 002 meet in CTLH 344 (Carson-Taylor Hall)

2010 exam 2
2011 exam 2
2012 exam 2
2013 exam 2 ... (solution)
2014 exam 2 solution