Engineering 122 and Honors 122 -  Engineering Problem Solving III 

Winter 2018


Dr. Krystal Corbett

TR 2-3:50 / BH 129

BH 233

COURSE TOPICS:  Electromechanical systems, selected mathematics and science topics, design, basic fabrication techniques, troubleshooting, communication skills, global and societal issues, and computer applications.

TEXTBOOKS:  No textbook is required.

ROBOTICS KIT: The Arduino microcontroller, Boe-Bot parts kit, and other items requried for ENGR 120 and 121 are required for this course.

TOOL KIT:  You will continue to use the tool kit from ENGR 120 and 121, and you will be required to purchase a few additional tools and project supplies.

LAPTOP: You must have your own laptop for this course. Excel, Mathcad and SolidWorks should be installed on the laptop as well as the software required to interface with the Arduino microcontroller. You will also need software for computer-based presentations (like PowerPoint) as well as a word processing program (like Word).

HELPDESK: A "HelpDesk" is available where you can receive assistance from other students on homework and projects. The HelpDesk is normally open in Bogard Hall 129 during the academic year between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. from Sunday through Thurday. See the schedule for more details.

GRADING: Click here for an Excel grade calculator.

  Exam 1
  Exam 2 (comprehensive)
  Attendance at Student Meetings
  Service Activity
  Smart Product - Design Expo
  Smart Product - Video


        A       90 - 100%       (highest degree of excellence)
        B       80 - 89%        (superior)
        C       70 - 79%        (average)
        D       60 - 69%        (poor, class must be repeated)
        F       < 60%           (failure)
Notes: The lower limit in each grade range may be lowered slightly such that when the final averages of all students in the class are listed in descending order, the division between letter grades occur at any large gaps in the grade spectrum. This adjustment will be determined only after the final averages are computed and may or may not alter the grade. Grades may be posted to Moodle so that students can confirm the scores for individual exams, quizzes and homework assignments. The course average grade computed by Moodle (if shown) should not be used to determine overall performance in the course since grade items may not be weighted using the grading breakdown above (exams count 60%, quizzes count 6%, homework counts 10%, and so on).

FACULTY OFFICE HOURS: Faculty members are accessible to assist and advise students at least 10 hours per week. Office hours are posted on each faculty members door and will be communicated to students by the end of the first week of classes. Faculty class schedules and posted office hours are also maintained in Program Office for each faculty member.








Louisiana Tech has established an Honor Code to ensure the "highest standard of conduct in academic affairs."  By enrolling at Louisiana Tech, you have agreed to the Honor Code that states, "Being a student of a higher standard, I pledge to embody the principles of academic integrity."  Students who cheat during an exam, plagiarize another person's work, obtain or distribute copies of exams without the instructor's permission, falsify documents, or steal property or electronic information will be considered in violation of the Honor Code.  It is also considered a violation of the Code to assist a person in any of the above actions.  For the first infraction, a student who violates the Code will be given a grade of "zero" on the assignment in question.  A second infraction will result in an "F" for the class.  All violations will be reported to the Honor Council as required by the University.  For a complete copy of the Honor Code go to the following web page:

The following statement must be attached and SIGNED for all assignments: 

On my honor, I promise that I have not received inappropriate assistance on this assignment.       SIGNATURE        

Inappropriate assistance for homework: Copying off another person's or group's paper, copying information from the solution of homework from previous quarters or posted to the web, and any sort of computer file sharing.
Inappropriate assistance on quizzes and exams:
All work must be your own (no looking at other peoples paper, no talking, no cheat sheets, and no use of electronic information).
Inappropriate assistance on projects:
All aspects of a project should be completed by the group submitting the project for a grade (don't copy design features, purchase the same parts as other groups unless specifically allowed by the instructor, . . .)


Students needing testing or classroom accommodations based on a disability are encouraged to discuss those needs with the instructor as soon as possible. For more information about eligibility for accommodations, contact the Department of Testing and Disability Services, 318-257-4221, for assistance.



All Louisiana Tech students are strongly encouraged to enroll and update their contact information in the Emergency Notification System. It takes just a few seconds to ensure you’re able to receive important text and voice alerts in the event of a campus emergency. For more information on the Emergency Notification System, please visit:


Students will need a calculator to complete the exams in HNRS or ENGR 120, 121 and 122. The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, which is the first step to become a registered professional engineer, allows exam takers to use the calculators on THIS LIST. You are only allowed to use calculators on the list for your HNRS or ENGR 120, 121 and 122 exams; many of your upper level engineering courses will also only allow the use of calculators from the list.