Presentation Grading

Organization and Clarity (10 points)
bullet Does the presentation include an introduction and a conclusion? Tell them what you're going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them.
bullet Is the presentation organized in a logical manner?
bullet Does the speaker adequately paint the big picture and then focus in on the points to be made?
bullet Is the topic broken down into small pieces which are fed to the audience in a systematic way such that the technical content is progressively put forth?
Technical Content (50 points)
bullet Is the material presented technically sound?
bullet Are the most technically relevant topics discussed?
bullet Does the presenter have a good grasp of the material?
Timing (10 points)
bullet The target time is 6 minutes plus or minus 1 minute.
bullet Points will be deducted as follows:  Score = (6 - # minutes over or under)/6   x   10 points
Visual Aids (20 points)
bullet Does the presentation begin with a slide with the presenters name and topic?
bullet Does the presenter have at least 5 slides (title page + 4)?
bullet Do the slides contain graphics?
bullet Are the slides professional?
bullet Does each slide clarify one to three points (one is recommended)?
bullet Is the font large enough to read from the back of the room?
Delivery (10 points)
bullet Is the presenter dressed in a professional manner (5 of the 10 points)?
bullet Does the presenter make eye contact with the audience?
bullet Expressiveness of voice, posture, and movements.