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workshop photos

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Mark leads group

Matt & Amelito test robots

Working with robots

David discusses pump

Silas builds pump

Pat & Kaye build pump

Kirk drills hole for pump

Lydia & Amber build pump

Raul & Gerry plan pump

Brad & Rob build pump

Brad uses vise

Kris & Rich build pump

Amelito & Matt build pump

Mikey teaches

Silas & Ken on fishtank

Fishtank discussion

Amelito & Matt with fishtank

Kirk & Brent with fishtank

Hisham talks about RTD

Mikey talks transistors

Working on fishtanks

Pat & Kay with fishtank

Working on fishtanks

Amber & Lydia - fishtank

Student panel at park

Student panel

Rob posts an idea

Pat posts an idea

Ken posts an idea

Kirk juggles several ideas

Graig posts an idea

Gerry discusses an idea

Gerry posts an idea

Group discusses ideas

Group organizes ideas

Group organizes ideas

Group organizes ideas

David looks over ideas

Ideas 1

Ideas 2

Ideas 3

Ideas 4

Ideas 5

Ideas 6

Ideas 7

Ideas 8

Ideas 9

Ideas 10

Ideas 11

Rich & Kris with Boe-Bot

Rich & Kris test pump

Rich & Kris with fishtank

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