Suppliers for Projects

See the online vendors below for parts and supplies that you can't find locally.

mcmaster: My favorite supply company for general engineering projects

mutual screw: screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware

digikey: Comprehensive inventory of electronics parts

sparkfun: parts and supplies for robotics projects

mpja: Inexpensive electronics

omnitronelectronics: Inexpensive electronics

allelectronics: inexpensive electronics

jameco: Great electronics supplier

parallax: Great source for hobby robots

arduino: Open-source robotics platform

mouser electronics: all sorts of electronics

newark electronics: all sorts of electronics

surplus center: Inexpensive source of parts for systems

small parts: Excellent source for project parts

american science & surplus: Inexpensive parts for projects

harbour freight: Source for imported, inexpensive tools

msc industrial supply: Source for fabrication tooling

us plastics: Source for all sorts of plastics (raw materials, containers, . . . )

make: Site dedicated to making stuff on your own

adafruit: electronics and things for projects

amazon: anything and everything

pololu: parts and supplies for robotics projects

Waytek: electrical and electronics parts

All Electronics: electrical and electronics parts

CircuitSpecialists: electrical and electronics parts