Donald P. Kaczvinsky 

Professor of English

Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Kaczvinsky

Director, School of Literature and Language, 2006--2011

Director, Honors Program

George E. Pankey eminent  Scholar  in English, 2008--Present

Louisiana Tech Foundation Professor, 2007



Ph.D.  The Pennsylvania State University, English, 1989
M.A.  University of Virginia, English, 1984
 B.A.  Providence College, English, magna cum laude, 1982

Recent Publications


D&C covercontemporary lit1945-2000.jpgmybook.gif



Durrell and the City:  Collected Essays on Place. Madison, Teaneck:  Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2011.


Lawrence Durrell's Major Novels, or The Kingdom of the Imagination. Selinsgrove, PA:  SusquehannaUniversity Press, 1997.

Recent Articles:


"Introduction." In Durrell and the City:  Collected Essays on Place. ix-xxiv.


"'Where the Blue Algonquin Flows":  Durrell, New York,     and the American 'Spirit of Place.'" In Durrell and the City:  Collected Essays on Place. 157-70.


"From Alexandria With Love: Durrell, Fleming and the Novel of Espionage, or Durrell in Bondage.”   Deus Loci:  The Lawrence Durrell Journal NS 12 (2010-2011):  18-37.


"Memlik's House and Mountolive’s Uniform:  Orientalism, Ornamentalism and The Alexandria Quartet." Contemporary Literature 48.1 (2007):  93-118.


"What is an Honors Student? A Noel-Levitz Survey" Journal of the National CollegiateHonors Council. 8.2 (2007): 87-95.


Courses Taught

 >>English 591:  Introduction to Literary Research and Bibliography
 >>English 583: Joyce
>>English 575: Modernism/Postmodernism (compressed video course with ULM)
>>English 583: Graduate Seminar--Postmodern British Fiction
>>English 583: Graduate Seminar--Yeats, Joyce, & Beckett
>>English 456: Contemporary British Literature
>>English 455: Modern British Literature
>>English 455: Twentieth-Century British Literature
>>English 412: Twentieth-Century British Novel
>>English 410:  The British Novel
>>English 414:  The Victorian Period
>>English 413:  The Romantic Period
>>Honors 203:  Foundations of Modern Civilization
>>English/History 203: Foundations of Modern Civilization (Honors)
>>English 201:  Introduction to British Literature
>>English 101H and 102H: Honors Freshman English
>>English 102:  Freshman Composition--Writing on Literature
>>English 101:  Freshman Composition--Rhetoric and Composition


Contact Information:

Donald P. Kaczvinsky           Tel #: 257-4805

College of Liberal Arts

GT Madison 102                      Email:

Louisiana Tech University

Ruston, LA 71272    



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