John R. Doyle    

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About Me

I was born and raised in the birthplace of more players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame — including Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey, and Ozzie Smith — than any city other than New York and Los Angeles.

I fulfilled my childhood dream to one day be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I moved away from my hometown in 2000. Coincidentally, that was the same year my new residence became the smallest city ever to be named "Intelligent Community of the Year."

I attended the first state-chartered university in the United States, where I earned my bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate in mathematics.

After I graduated, I left the Southeast for the third snowiest major city in the United States, where I spent three years as a postdoc at the university to which Susan B. Anthony pledged the entire value of her life insurance policy in order to open the university to women.

Now, I live in Ruston with my wife Jessica and our chocolate lab Hank. If you've been paying attention thus far, you know who our dog was named after.

Hank, proving that he's the smartest, most handsome dog you've ever seen.