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                    any vegetables or Tofu
Dashi (like bouillon)
Miso (beans paste)

You can use any vegetables to make a miso-soup including lettuce or seaweed. Potatoes, onions, and Chinese Nappas are popular among Japanese people as vegetables in miso-soup. Cut your vegetables, and put them in boiled water with dashi, and leave until cooked enough. Then, put suitable amount of miso into the pan. Don't boil much after adding miso so that you can avoid destroying the flavor.

Cooked Chinese Nappa with milk
Materials (served for 1-2 people):
Bacon 2 stripes
Chinese Nappa 4-6 leaves (Spinach, Cabbage, or the other leaves)
Chopped Garlic 1-2 teaspoons
Milk 50cc
Salt and Pepper     

Cut Bacon and Chinese Nappa into about 1 inch long pieces. Heat a pan and put the pieces of Bacon. After 2-3 minutes, add chopped Garlic to the pan. Put hard leaves first, and then soft leaves into the pan. After stirring for a while, add milk and cover the pan by a lid to steam for a minute. Add salt and pepper, and serve.