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With a reputation for offering a private-college atmosphere at a public-university price, Louisiana Tech is one place where you will be remembered, from the faculty who look on your achievements with pride to the brick in Centennial Plaza which will bear your name.

Sonsya: This is the place I spent a lot of time in my childhood.

It was taken April 15, 2002. The flowers were sent as a gift from people in the Department of Mathematics. In fact, they were the second flower gift. The first ones came to my hospital room.

My left leg wore the special equipment. The tool can help to increase my bending knee. I can set how many degrees my knee supposed to be bent. I started from 30 degrees, and I was supposed to increase by 15 degrees each week. On that day, the degree was 60.

I rented a wheel chair from March 8 to June 10, 2002.

I felt secure with my crutches these days, from March to June, 2002.

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