HNRS 122 and ENGR 122 - Engineering Problem Solving III

Winter 2018-19 Schedule

Things to bring to class: L = Laptop R = Robot M = Multimeter T = all Tools    
Color code for topics: Projects / Hands-on Fundamentals  Software Communication Broadening / Design Assessment
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W - Nov 28
L, R, M, T

Course Overview
Introduction to Course Design Project & Ten Faces
Statics: Units, Force Components, Resultants
Devices: RGB LEDs

smart product design introduction
statics: units, forces and resultants
homework 1

F - Nov 30

Statics: Newton's Laws; 2D Static Equilibrium
Statics - Introduction to Mathcad
Sensors: PING)))
Sensors for Checkout

Global & Societal Issue #1 Presentation and Discussion

statics: 2D equilibrium
Mathcad introduction & Mathcad worksheet
sensor: PING)))
homework 2

sensor list

W - Dec 5
L, T

Statics: 2D Static Equilibrium
Simultaneous Equations in Mathcad
Sensors: Accelerometer
Shearing, Bending and Riveting Project

statics: 2D equilibrium
Mathcad Solve Block & Mathcad worksheet
sensor: accelerometer
sheet metal prototyping
homework 3

F - Dec 7
L, R, M, T

Statics Problem
Statics: Moments & Torque
Sensors: IR Object Detection

statics problem
statics: moments & torque
IR object detection
homework 4

W - Dec 12

Statics Problem - Moments
Statics: Equilibrium of Non-Concurrent Force Systems (beams)

Plots in Mathcad
Sensors: Rotary Encoders and Interrupts
Monitoring Background Events Using Interrupts

statics problem
statics: non-concurrent force systems
plots in Mathcad (PowerPoint & Mathcad)
sensor: rotary encoder & interrupts
using interrupts to monitor a switch
homework 5

F - Dec 14
L, T

Statics Problem - Non-Concurrent Force System
Sensors: RF Communication
Statics: Torque and RPM of Gear Trains
Servo Gearbox Characterization (Teams of 2)

statics problem
sensor: RF communication
statics: torque and RPM of gears
servo box characterization
homework 6

W - Dec 19
L, M, T

Statics Problem - Non-Concurrent Force System
Statics Problems - PE & Electrical Energy, Motor System Efficiency

Sensors: Pixy Camera
Determination of Gearmotor Efficiency

statics equilibrium problem
statics gearmotor problems
sensor: Pixy camera
measuring gearmotor efficiency
homework 7

F - Dec 20

Statics Problem - Gear Train Efficiency Problem
IDEO Video (22:48)
Ten Faces of Innovation

Brainstorm to Generate Potential Solutions for your Design
Mind Maps

statics problem
brainstorming, mind maps and concept maps
homework 8

W - Jan 9

Application of IDEO Process to Design Problem
Pugh Method for Weighting Conceptual Designs
Looking Ahead to Design Project
Prototyping & Begin Working on 1st Prototype

Exam Review

implementing the IDEO design process
Pugh method for evaluating concepts
design project forecast
prototyping & ten faces
homework 9

T - Jan 15

exam 1
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
students must show their student ID when submitting their exam
this is a closed book exam
Section 001 meets in Bogard Hall (BOGH) 326

2010 exam1
2011 exam1 and solution
2012 exam1 and solution
2013 exam 1 and solution
2014 exam 1 and solution
2015 exam 1 and solution
2016 exam 1 and solution

W - Jan 16

Engineering Economics: Simple and Compounding Interest
1st Prototype Due
Actuation: Linkages & Mechanisms
Sensor Distribution Procedure
The Design Expo

Safety & Resources
Student Presentations on Concepts with Instructor and Class Feedback

engr econ: simple & compound interest
devices to create motion
parts check-out sheet
design expo
safety & resources
homework 10

F - Oct 15
L, T

Engineering Economics: Cash Flow Diagrams
Work on Prototype 2

engr econ: cash flow diagrams
homework 11

W - Jan 23
L, T

Engineering Economics: Uniform Series
2nd Prototype Due - Should Demonstrate Form and Function
Creating an Elevator Pitch
Project Work

engr econ: uniform series
presentation to judges / elevator pitch
project evaluation form
homework 12

F - Jan 25
L, T

Engineering Economics: Complex Problems
Present Elevator Pitch to Class
Project Work

engr econ: example problem
homework 13

W - Jan 30
L, T

Quiz 1
Global & Societal Issue #2 Discussion
Present Prototype 3 to Class
Project Work

engr econ: summary of formulas
homework 14

F - Feb 1
L, T

Wrapping Up: Project Video, Design Journal & Expo
Project Work

wrapping up your project
homework 15

W - Feb 6
L, T

Project Work homework 16 - surveys

T - Feb 12

Freshman Projects Exposition
project setup from 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.; opening ceremonies at 5:05 p.m.
BOGH 304 & BOGH 305  
Bring Your Completed Projects - Professional Attire Required

project grading
team evaluation form
expo program

Homework 17

W - Feb 13

Course Assessment
Exam Review

no homework
R - Feb 14, F - Feb 15, M - Feb 18

Parts return: You must return your borrowed parts to the Project-Based Learning Office (BOGH 222) according to provided schedule:
Thursday, February 14 from 9AM-12PM; 2PM-5PM
Friday, February 15 from 9AM-12PM; 2PM-5PM
Monday, February 18 from 2PM-5PM
Please DO NOT bring parts outside of these hours


T - Feb 19

exam 2
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
students must show their student ID when submitting their exam
this is a closed book exam
Section 001 meets in Bogard Hall (BOGH) 326

2010 exam 2
2011 exam 2 and solution
2012 exam 2
2013 exam 2 and solution
2014 exam 2 and solution
2015 exam 2
2016 exam 2 and solution