Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab

Dr. Kasra Momeni
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Postdoc — Materials Research Institute - The Pennsylvania State University (2016)

Ph.D./Postdoc — Aerospace Engineering - Iowa State University (2015)

M.Sc. — Mechanical Engineering - Sharif University of Technology (2008)

B.Sc. — Mechanical Engineering - KNT University of Technology (2006)


Dr. Momeni’s main areas of expertise are solid mechanics and materials science, with a focus on developing theoretical/numerical tools to understand multi-scale/physics response of materials and designing experimental procedures to make superior materials. Our group utilizes various modeling techniques, including atomistic simulations, mesoscale phase field approach, and macroscale continuum methods, along with experimental techniques such as in situ TEM and scanning probe microscopy. We have developed an integrated software for multi-scale modeling of nanomaterials using classical/coarse-grained molecular dynamics, with an interactive 3D modeling environment and parallel computing capabilities.

Tel: (318) 257-2407

Research Interests

  • Accelerating Materials Innovation
  • Synergistic Interaction among Computation, Experiment, and Theory
  • Hierarchical Materials by Design
  • Materials Genomics
  • Multi-scale/physics Modeling
  • Materials in Extreme Environments
  • Materials for Energy Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Low-Dimensional Materials
  • Phase Transforming and Smart Materials
  • High Performance Computing


  • PhD, MSc, and BSc research assistantships are available.
  • Dr. Momeni received IfM Best Paper Prize for 2016.
  • Dr. Momeni received a NASA LASPACE REA grant.
  • Our paper on defect engineering published in ACS OMEGA and chosen as the ACS Editors' Choice
  • Our research on defect engineering is highlighted on the COES news
  • Our collaborative wotk with University of Göttingen in Germany on defective 1D nanomaterials is accepted in Nano Letters

  • Grants

    • "An Advanced Phase-Field Model of Microcrack Initiation for Alloys in Aerospace Applications using Direct Experimentation," LaSACE REA, PI: Kasra Momeni, $62,589 for one year (7/1/2017-8/31/2018)
    • "Engineering Multifunctional Materials: Defects, Functionalization, and Microstructure," LONI, PI: Kasra Momeni, $127,049 for one year (4/1/17-4/1/18)
    • "Modeling Growth Morphology of h-BN Using a Multiscale Approach," ATOMIC, co-PI: Kasra Momeni, $20,000 for one year (1/1/17-12/31/17)
    • "Multiscale Modeling of Multifunctional Materials: Theory and Code Development," XSEDE, co-PI: Kasra Momeni, $32,204 for one year (3/15/17-3/14/18)
    • "Multiphysics Model and Application Development for Controlled 2D Materials Growth," NSF-MIP, PI: Kasra Momeni, $18,078 for 1 year, (1/2017-1/2018)
    • "An advanced phase-field approach to engineering laser-based 3D metal printing: effect of mechanics and interfaces," NSF-CIMM, PI: Kasra Momeni, $10,000 for 1 year, (1/2017-1/2018)
    • "CFA-16-10667: A Coupled Experimental and Simulation Approach to Investigate the Impact of Grain Growth, Amorphization, and Grain Subdivision in Accident Tolerant U3Si2 Light Water Reactor Fuel," DOE-NEUP, co-PI: Kasra Momeni, $800,000 for 3 years (8/2016-7/2019)
    • "A Multi-scale/Multi-physics Tool for Predicting Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Aircraft Structural Components using Coupled FEM Phase Field Approach," STTR, co-PI: Kasra Momeni, $160,000 for 13 month (1/2016-2/2017)
    • "Developing a 3D Microstructure Reconstruction Capability in the Materials Computation Center," PennState Seed Funding, co-PI: Kasra Momeni, $12,000 for 4 month (11/2015-2/2016)
    • "New Low-dimensional Multifunctional Materials: Defect Engineering and Functionalization," LONI, PI: Kasra Momeni, $18,150 for a year (10/01/2016-10/01/2017)

    Awards and Honors

    • Award from President's Office of Financial Support for Advanced Technologies for my book entitled Introduction to Nanotechnology (in Persian), ISBN: 964-5544-52-1.
    • Iowa State University Zaffarano Prize Honorable Mention Award for 2015
    • Iowa State University Research Excellence Award for 2015
    • Graduate and Professional Student Senate Research Excellence Award for 2015
    • Graduate and Professional Student Senate Teaching Excellence Award for 2015
    • Iowa State University Teaching Excellence Award for 2014
    • Aerospace Engineering Department Travel Grant, Spring 2013
    • Aerospace Engineering Department Fellowship, Spring 2013
    • NSF travel grant award to ASME IMECE 2012 conference (Rank 2nd)
    • BRC travel grant, 2010, 2011
    • Best undergraduate research award for my senior thesis entitled “Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites.”
    • Top 1% in the National Entrance Exam for B.S. 2001, among 400,000 rivals
    • Third top student in the National Entrance Exam for M.S. 2006
    • Member of Engineering Honor Society TBP
    • Member of Engineering Honor Society Sigma Xi