Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab

  • Dr. Momeni received a NASA LASPACE RESEARCH ENHANCEMENT AWARD, entitled “A High-Fidelity Phase-Field Model for Fatigue Failure of Metal Matrix Composites in Aerospace Structures”.
  • Our paper on defect engineering published in ACS OMEGA and chosen as the ACS Editors' Choice
  • Dr. Momeni received a LONI grant, entitled “Engineering Multifunctional Materials: Defects, Functionalization, and Microstructure”.
  • Dr. Momeni received a 2DCC-MIP grant, entitled “Multiphysics Model and Application Development for Controlled 2D Materials Growth”.
  • Dr. Momeni received a ATOMIC grant, entitled “Modeling Growth Morphology of h-BN Using a Multiscale Approach”.
  • Our research on defect engineering is highlighted on the COES news
  • Our collaborative wotk with University of Gottingen in Germany on defective 1D nanomaterials is accepted in Nano Letters
  • Our papers in collaboration with the 2D Crystal Consortium at PennState is accepted in the 2D Materials journal
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