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Collin TranterCollin Photo

My name is Collin Tranter; I am an micro/nano engineering graduate student at Louisiana Tech.  After receiving my Nanosystems Engineering Bachelor's degree with a Chemical Engineering concentration in May 2010, I decided to continue my education and continue my research with Dr. Crews' Lab at LaTech.  As of Winter 2010-11, I have been working in a lab setting for two years.  My work primarily involves microfluidic biology systems and surface chemistry, but extends to various forms of microfabrication and analysis, optics, and data analysis with MathCad.  Projects I've worked on include the development of a high speed microfluidic PCR device, construction of a portable version of our microfluidic PCR device, surface passivation and analysis of microfluidic channels by silane and silicone coating, and development of a real-time DNA damage analysis device.  Future work will include continuing surface coating analysis and exploring DNA damage and different forms there of by melting analysis.