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Journal Publications

Pjescic, I.; Tranter, C.; Haywood, J.; Paidipalli, M.; Haywood, S.; Tham, J.; Crews, N.; 2011, "Real-time Damage Monitoring of Irradiated DNA", Integrative Biology, 3:9, pp.937-947.(request pdf)

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Conference Publications/Presentations

Haywood, S.; Crews, N.; 2011, "Extending the Shelf Life of PCR Mixtures for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications", 2011 BMES Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT.

Crews, N.; 2010, "Counterflow Microfluidics for Stable Flow Thermodynamics", Invited Speaker, 2010 Southeast Section APS Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA.

Ganveer, A.; Crews, N.; 2010, "Thermopile Setup in a Microfluidic Device for DNA Melting Analysis", 2010 BMES Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.

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Elenitoba-Johnson, O.; David, D.; Crews, N.; Wittwer, C. T.; 2007, “Plastic vs. Glass Tubes for Rapid Cycle PCR”,Association for Molecular Pathology 2007 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.

Crews, N.; Wittwer, C.; Gale, B.; 2006, “Rapid Prototyping of a Thermal Gradient Continuous-Flow PCR Microchip”,AIChE 2006 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Abstract #335-A.