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Biomedical Engineering 435, Senior Laboratory



Instructor: Steven A. Jones

Office Hours: 2-4, M-F

Office Number: Bogard 239

Phone: 257-2288

Email: sajones@coes.latech.edu


Course Description


The purpose of this course is to allow students to apply the theoretical knowledge they have obtained to experimental measurement and design.  Students will perform selected short-term guided experiments in the first 6 weeks, followed by a 4-week long experiment of the students’ design.  Students will work in teams of 4 or 5.  Every experiment will include:


1.     A null hypothesis to be tested with statistical methods (e.g. t-test, f-test, anova).

2.     An experiment designed to test this hypothesis.

3.     A writeup that describes the experiments, presents results and interprets the results.


Grading will be on an absolute scale:


A        90-100

B        80-90

C        70-80

D        60-70

F        50-60


There will be 3 minor laboratory reports, each worth 20 points, 1 Major laboratory report worth 30 points, and a final examination worth the remaining 10 points.


Course Outline


Week 1: Steps in planning a Research Experiment and Format for Laboratory Writeup

Weeks 1 and 2: Pressure Losses Across Stenoses

Weeks 3 and 4: Simulation of a Cardiac Output Flow Measurement

Week 5: One-dimensional mass transport

Weeks 6: Measurement of Young’s Modulus for a Chicken Bone

Week 7: Initial Planning Stages for Student-Driven experiment.

Week 8: Setup of Student-driven Experiment

Week 9: Student-Driven Experiment

Week 10: Final Examination




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