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BIEN 435: Senior Biomedical Engineering Laboratory


The following material must be reviewed before the first laboratory

Course Rules (Word Document)

Planning a Research Experiment (Word Document)

Rules of Research (Word Document)

Outline of a Lab Report (Word Document)

Details of a Report or Journal Article (Word Document)

          Equation Editor (Word Document)

          Checklist for Writing (Word Document)

          Checklist for References (Word Document)

Checklist for Graphs (Word Document)

Pressure Laboratory (Word Document)


Course Outline

Week  2:        Pressure Losses Across Stenoses (Word Document)


The file below is an example writeup that contains a number of serious errors you should be sensitive to.

                              Example Lab 1 Writeup with Comments


Weeks 3 & 4: Simulation of a Cardiac Output Flow Measurement (Word Document)

Week 5:         One-dimensional mass transport (Word Document)

Weeks 6:       Measurement of Young’s Modulus for a Chicken Bone (Word Document)

Week 7:         Initial Planning Stages for Student-Driven experiment (Word Document).

Week 8:         Setup of Student-driven Experiment

Week 9:         Student-Driven Experiment

Week 10:       Final Examination