BIEN 435 Group Laboratory, Dr. Jones,

Last Updated: January 21, 2006



Design and conduct an experiment to test a physiological hypothesis.



Your experiment will relate to some aspect of physiology that includes knowledge gained in BIEN 301, BIEN 401, and/or BIEN 430 (i.e. something of a mechanical or transport nature)..



You are required to include the following in the project:


1.     A hypothesis that is interesting and testable.

2.     Design/construction/analysis of the instrumentation needed to test your hypothesis.

3.     Calibration of the instrumentation being used.

4.     A negative control (against which your hypothesis is tested).

5.     A positive control that enables you to verify the validity of your experimental system.

6.     Preliminary data collection to check the feasibility of the experiment.

7.     A refined experiment that makes use of experience gained with the preliminary experiment.

8.     A theoretical model for the physical phenomenon being studied.

9.     Statistical testing of your hypothesis (e.g. t-test, f-test, anova).

10. A formal written report in the format Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions.  Be sure to answer the stated hypothesis in your conclusion section.



Friday, January 27th:  Submit to me by email three suggestions for experiments.  I will return comments to you for your consideration.

Wednesday, February 1st:  Select your topic.  Email a title to me and a brief “proposal” (3 pages maximum) that addresses the relevance of items 1-10 above to your topic.

Lab Sessions, February 1st and 2nd: Perform some preliminary measurements to evaluate their feasibility.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 8th/9th:  Set up preliminary apparatus and take any preliminary data.

Wednesday, January 15th: Turn in a brief report demonstrating the processing of your preliminary data and the comparison to theory.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 15th/16th: Revise experimental apparatus and take complete data set.

Thursday, February 22nd (Midnight): Complete laboratory writeup due.