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Biomedical Engineering 500

Systems Physiology

Last Updated October 11, 2005

Fall, 2005


Instructors:  Besio, Cronk, Haynie, Jones, Luo, McShane, Sit, O’Neal


Contact Information for Dr. Jones

Email:                    sajones@coes.latech.edu

Phone:                   257-2288

Office Hours:         M-F 2-4:00, Bogard 239


Course Description:

BIEN 500, Systems Physiology, is an introduction to the physiology required by students to work in the field of Biomedical Engineering.  Where possible, students will be shown examples of how mathematical modeling can be used to describe physiology in a quantitative manner.


The course is, of necessity, reading-intensive.  The textbook, “Textbook of Medical Physiology,” by Guyton and Hall is a well-respected resource used in medical school courses.  Students must pay particular attention to the chapters to be read.  It will not be possible to obtain all of the information required to do well in this course by merely listening to the lectures.


Textbook:    Guyton and Hall, “Textbook of Medical Physiology,” ninth edition, W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia.


Time:           MWF 4-6 PM

                    On Mondays from 5-6 the class will involve attendance at the Biomedical Engineering Seminar series.



Attendance is mandatory and will be accounted for in your final grade. Attendance will be taken by handing out a signup sheet at the beginning of each class.


Grading:                A=90-100, B=80-90, C=70-80, D=60-70, F=0-60


Grading will be based on homework (40%), attendance (10%) and two in-class exams (25% each).


Academic Dishonesty:

Evidence of cheating may result in an “F” grade in this course.


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