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Biomedical Engineering 500

Systems Physiology

Last Updated November 4, 2005


This course will be team taught by 10 professors.  Because of the demands of the professors’ schedules, professors and topics will not necessarily be sequential.  Pay close attention to the instructor schedule (Excel Worksheet) provided below.


Course Description and Rules (Download doc)


Faculty Areas (Download doc)


Instructor Schedule


Class Schedule (Download doc)




Notes from Haynie Lecture

Notes from Besio Lecture II

Notes from Besio Lecture III

Chapter 16 – Microcirculation

Chapter 17 – Local Circulation Control

Chapter 20 – Cardiac Output

Chapter 21 – Muscle Blood Flow

Chapter 22 – Cardiac Failure



Example Exams





Homework Assignments


Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 4