Requirements for College-Funded MS Assistantships


To obtain a college-funded assistantship at the MS level, a student must satisfy all of the requirements below.  However, satisfying these requirements does not guarantee that a student will obtain an assistantship.


1.     Have GRE scores of 1170 or above.

2.     Have graduate status.

3.     Have unconditional admission status.

4.     Have submitted all deliverables required for the given quarter (e.g. Plan of Study by the end of the first quarter, Proposal by the end of the second quarter).

5.     Have demonstrated satisfactory progress on their plan of study, defined as completing, on average, 15 of the semester hours listed on their plan of study (excluding research and thesis or research and dissertation) in the first year of study and 12 semester hours per year each year afterward until all non-research courses in the plan of study are completed.


Note: According to COES policy, students on college-funded assistantships are required to devote an appropriate amount of time on college-related duties, which generally means assisting in the teaching and grading of courses.  Work required for the student to complete his/her thesis or dissertation is not considered college-related in this context.