Course & Title:        BIEN 557, Medical Ultrasonics


Instructor:               Steven A. Jones

                              239 Bogard Hall, Phone: 257-2288


Office Hours:          Tuesday through Friday, 2-4:30 pm


Text:                       Fundamental Sources of Error and Spectral Broadening in Doppler Ultrasound Signals (available on my web site)


Lecture Time:          10-11:15 MWF, Bogard Hall


Attendance:             Attendance of Lectures is mandatory and will be taken at each class period.


Grades:                  A/B/C/D/F corresponds to 100/90/80/70/60.  A total score of 90 and above will guarantee an A.


Grade Weighting:    20% Homework, 50% exams, 20% final project, 10% attendance.


Final Project:           Projects will be carried out in groups of 2.  You must pick a topic from the list of topics and report your results in a final paper of ca. 15 pages length.


Homework:             No late homework will be accepted.  Homework is to be done individually.  Homework that indicates copying will be given a score of 0.  Homework will be graded with one of three marks, +, P, - or 0, where + indicates high quality, P indicates a reasonable effort, - indicates minimal effort, and 0 indicates no effort at all.


                              You must state the rationale for any equations or manipulations you do.  Neatness and legibility are also factors in the grading of the homework since they make the grader’s job much easier.  Where appropriate, put a box around your final answer.


                              Please mark your homework with your name, the course number, the due date, and the number of the homework set.  For example:


                                        Rakesh Varma

                                        Medical Ultrasonics

                                        Homework Set 1

                                        Due September 14, 2004


Academic Honesty: Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in an “F” grade in the course.  In severe cases it can result in expulsion from the university.