Goals of the Program


The fields of micromanufacturing and nano engineering are growing in importance.It is necessary to have a highly trained workforce that is capable of performing research in these fields.The program takes advantage of Louisiana Tech Universityís unique position of being able to interface micro and nano engineering through its Institute for Micromanufacturing and its ongoing research in Layer by Layer assembly.


This program will work with 10 students per year over a 10 week period in the summer to provide a research experience in micro and nano engineering.In addition, students wil be trained more formally on engineering-related issues such as reporting, patenting, and marketing of research results.Specific outcomes of the research are for the student to :


1.     Answer a specific research question through work in the laboratory.

2.     Learn how to plan, carry out, and report a research project.

3.     Explain how ethical issues in engineering research relate to their project.

4.     Describe the equipment they are using and the uses of this equipment.

5.     Describe how their project is related to other projects in the same laboratory.

6.     Describe the laboratories that the other REU students are involved in.

7.     Write up their project in a professional report.

8.     Present their project orally with a Powerpoint presentation.

9.  Devise, plan, and describe the next stage in the research project.