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The videos below are part of a remotely delivered statistics course that follows the text Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, by Jay Devore, Brooks/Cole, 2007.

The videos were produced with Camtasia studio. The slides were produced with the LaTeX beamer package.


This is an overview of the course.

Video. (26:35min, 27MB)                   Slides.



  1. Sample Spaces 
    Video. (12:30min, 15MB)                  Slides.
  2. Axioms
    Video. (27:25min, 29MB)                  Slides.                   
    Simulation for populations vs. probability.
  3. Counting Techniques
    Video. (16:52min, 17MB)                  Slides.
  4. Conditional Probability
    Video. (41:50min, 43MB)                  Slides.
  5. Independence
    Video. (21:54min, 33MB)                  Slides.


Discrete Random Variables.

  1. Random Variables
    Video. (10:53min, 11MB)                  Slides.
  2. Discrete Random Variables and their Probability Distributions
    (review summation notation if needed)
    Video. (18:11min, 19MB)                  Slides.
  3. Expected Values
    (review series of numbers if needed)
    Video 1. (33:58min, 35MB)               Video 2. (19:01min, 19MB)           Slides.
    Simulation for populations vs. probability.
  4. Binomial Distribution
    Video. (33:29min, 34MB)                  Slides.
  5. Hypergeometric Distribution
    Video. (15:09min, 16MB)                  Slides.
  6. Poisson Distribution
    Video. (33:38min, 31MB)                  Slides.


Continuous Random Variables.

  1. Continuous Random Variables and Their Probability Density Functions
    Video. (27:07min,28MB)                  Slides.
  2. Cumulative Distribution Functions
    Video. (22:08min, 23MB)                 Slides.
  3. Expected Values
    Video. (30:52min, 30MB)                 Slides.
  4. Normal Distributions
    Video 1. (23:27min, 22MB)    Video 2. (5:42min, 6MB)            Slides.
  5. Exponential and Gamma Distributions
    Video. (30:57min, 30MB)                 Slides.
  6. Weibull, Lognormal and Beta Distribution
    Video. (31:23min, 34MB)                 Slides.
  7. Probability Plots (There was no need for my doubts at the end. Probability plots always plot observations over percentiles. I was getting tired.)
    Video. (32:31min, 31MB)                 Slides.


Joint Probability Distributions and Random Samples.

  1. Random Vectors
    Video 1. (34:16min, 33MB)    Video 2. (19:01min, 20MB)            Slides.
  2. Expected Values, Covariance, Correlation
    Video. (35:05min, 42MB)                 Slides.
  3. Statistics
    Video. (25:31min, 28MB)                 Slides.
  4. Sample Mean, Central Limit Theorem
    Video. (32:39min, 44MB)                 Slides.
    Simulation for distribution of sample mean.
  5. Linear Combinations of Random Variables
    Video. (12:13min, 11MB)                  Slides.


Confidence Intervals.

  1. Confidence Intervals for Means and Proportions
    Video. (51:41min, 54MB)                  Slides.
  2. Confidence Intervals for Normal Populations
    Video. (21:01min, 23MB)                 Slides.
  3. Confidence Intervals for the Variance and Standard Deviation of a Normal Population
    Video. (8:43min, 10MB)                  Slides.



Hypothesis Testing.

  1. Hypothesis Tests
    Video. (41:14min, 46MB)                  Slides.
  2. Hypothesis Tests for the Mean
    Video 1. (12:07min, 12MB)    Video 2. (11:23min, 11MB)    Video 3. (9:19min, 12MB)                  Slides.
  3. Hypothesis Tests for Proportions
    Video. (11:11min, 13MB)                  Slides.
  4. P-Values
    Video. (13:12min, 14MB)                  Slides.


Miscellaneous Advanced Topics.

  1. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    Video. (26:00min, 26MB)                  Slides.
  2. Linear Regression (Introduction)
    Video. ( 7:42min,  9MB)                  Slides.
  3. Linear Regression (Parameter Estimation)
    Video. (20:58min, 19MB)                  Slides.
  4. Goodness of Fit Tests
    Video. (13:32min, 16MB)                  Slides.



Miscellaneous Review Items.

  1. Summation Notation.
    Video. (17:43min, 16MB)                  Slides.

  2. Series of Numbers
    Video. (30:19min, 27MB)                  Slides.