Current Position  Professor, Tolbert Pipes Eminent Endowed Chair on Micro and Nanosystems, Institute for Micromanufacturing, Louisiana Tech University, 911   Hergot Ave., Ruston, LA 71272; office (318)257-5144, ylvov@latech.edu


   PhD in Physical Chemistry, Moscow State University, 1979. Thesis title: ※Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Structural Analysis of Histidine Decarboxylase.§

   BS in Physics, Moscow State University, Russia, 1974.



♂ Award Certificates from American Chemical Society for organization of 2 Symposiums ※Nanoassemblies: From Fundamentals to Applications,§ 236th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, 2008 and ※Clay / Polymer Nanocomposites§ 241st ACS National Meeting in Anaheim, CA, 2011.

♂ US National 2008 Best of Small Tech Award in the category Innovator of the Year.  Best of Small Tech Awards recognize achievements in micro and nanotechnology.

♂Annual Award: 2006 Outstanding Louisiana Researcher in Emerging Technologies

♂Medal for Best Research Achievements from Engineering Department, LaTech, 2005

♂Tolbert Pipes Eminent Endowed Chair on Micro and Nanosystem, 2004.     

♂In 2004, US Institute of Scientific Information ranked our article in ※Langmuir,§ v.9, p.481, among three most cited papers on molecular self-assembly (citations: 560), and another my paper on protein architecture  in the Journal of American Chemical Society, 1995, v.117, p.6177 was cited 890 times which makes it #4 most cited chemistry paper with Japanese co-authors. A total citation of my papers on nanoassembly is above 8,720 and my Hirsch-index is 45.

♂Award Certificate from American Chemical Society for organization of ※Smart Nanoassemblies§ Symposium at 226th ACS National Meeting in New York, September 2003.  

♂Royal Chemical Society Publication Award, 1999, UK;   

♂Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, 1991-1993, Germany;    

Awarded with Doctor of Science in Physics from Moscow State University, 1991, Russia.



2004-now          Professor of Chemistry, Tolbert Pipes Eminent Endowed Chair on Micro and Nanosystems, Institute for Micromanufacturing, LaTech; Affiliated Faculty at Biomedical Engineering Department, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston;    President of Nano Pulp and Paper, LLC

1999-2003         Associate Professor, Institute for Micromanufacturing and Chemistry Program, Affiliated Faculty in the Physics and Biomedical Engineering Departments, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA.

1998-1999        Research Associate Professor, Center Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC.

1997-1998                  Research Associate and Adjunct Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

1994-1996         Staff Researcher, Research & Development Corporation, Japan Science Agency, Fukuoka.

1991-1993                  Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Mainz University, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Germany.

1980-1990                  Senior Researcher, Thin film group leader, Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Temporary        ♂Visiting Scientist, Materials Directorate, Wright - Patterson  Air  Force Base,  Dayton,  OH,

Positions:          September 1997. ♂Visiting Professor, Molecular Electronics Center, Durham University, UK,  April-May 2000. ♂Adjunct Professor in Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Louisiana in Monroe, 2003-2006.    ♂Visiting scholar (sabbatical leave), Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, August 每 December 2007.


Scientific/Professional Societies

American Chemical Society, since 1994.     Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, since 1991.

TAPPI (Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry) member 2004-2010


Research grants and contracts - my group funding exceeded $ 6 mln from more than $ 12 million of my total (with co-PIs) grants* budget


1.         ※Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in AMRI at the University of New Orleans,§ PI (co-PI: C. O*Connor), post-KSFI, BoR, my part $550,000 from total $ 3 mln, 2007-2012

2.        ※Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Corrosion Inhibitors,§ LA BoR-ITRS, PI, $195,000, July 2009-June 2012.

3.         ※Layer-by-layer Nanocarriers for Highly Efficient Solubilization of Insoluble Drugs,§ PI (co-PI, V. Torchilin) 1-R01-CA-134951-01A2, $1,200,000 (my part $620,000); Dec 1, 2009 每 Nov 30, 2013.

4.        ※Pulp Fiber Layer-by-Layer Nanocoating in the Emerging ※Green§ Roofing Felt Manufacturing,§ LaTech Enterprise Center,  $10,000.  PI: Y. Lvov, June 2010-Dec 2010

5.        ※Healing Polymer Composites Based on Clay Nanotubes,§ BoR NASA-LURA, $6,000, PI: Lvov, Sept 2010-May 2011

6.        ※Nanomaterials Safety Lab:  Research Integrated with Service and Education (RISE),§ $64,000; Enhancement BoR, co-PI, July 2010-June 2011.

7.         ※Micro, Nano Engineering Inspiration for Artistic Outreach,§ LaTech Alumni Foundation, $10,000; PIs: M. Bukowski, Y. Lvov, June-Dec 2010

8.        ※Clay Tubule Nanocontainer for Responsive Corrosion Protection,§ NSF-nanomanufacturing, PI, $240,000, Sept 2010- Sept 2013

9.        ※Nanofluidic Modeling in Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Protective Agents,§ co-PI, my part $300,000 from total $3 mln (PI: R. Ramachandran), NSF-EPSCoR RII: Computational Materials, Sept  2011-Aug 2015




15 Patents (issued or pending)                 

1) M. Onda, Y. Lvov, K. Ariga, T. Kunitake; ※Multiple layered functional thin films.§   February 1, 2000,   US patent 6020175

2)       M. Onda, Y. Lvov, K. Ariga, T. Kunitake, ※Preparation of Immobilized Protein Ultrathin Film Reactor and Chemical Reaction by Using Immobilized Protein  Film Reactor,§ August 22, 2000, US Patent 6107084

3) T. Kunitake, K. Ariga, Y. Lvov; ※Preparation of protein ultrathin films using alternate adsorption technique.§  Japanese patent   8-245815 from September 24, 1996 

4) T. Cui, Y. Lvov, F. Hua ※Lithographically-based patterning of layer-by-layer nano-assembled thin films,§ Aug 15, 2006 US patent 7,090,783 B1

5) Y. Lvov, G. Grozdits,§Layer-by-layer nanocoating for paper fabrication,§  US7842162B1,  Nov 30  2010

6) M.McShane, Y. Lvov, ※Fluorescent sensors based on encapsulation of indicator dyes with polyion shells,§ February 7, 2003  US Patent Application #10/360,328

7) H. Ai, S. Jones, M. de Villiers, Y. Lvov, ※Sustained Drug Release from Nanoorganized Polyion Microcapsules,§ January 06, 2005  US Patent Application #60/535,664  

8) D. Haynie, Y. Lvov, ※Artificial Red Blood Cells,§ US Patent Application 2006/0205005, August 25, 2006

9) C. Leuschner, C. Kumar, Y. Lvov, "Targeted Layer by Layer Engineered Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Small Molecules,§ US Patent Application  April 13, 2007  #60/787,849

10) J. Rashba-Step, T. Scott, R. Darvari, Y. Lvov, T. Shutava, ※Polyion Layer-by-Layer Coating of Microparticles§ US Patent Application April 27,  2006, #2006/0260777 (with Baxter Corporation)

11) M. Agarwal, Y. Lvov, K. Varahramyan, §Method for the Manufacture of Smart Paper and Smart Wood Microfibers,§ US patent application # 11/298,626 , October 30, 2007

12)  Y. Lvov, A. Agarwal, V. Torchilin, ※Therapeutic Stable Nanoparticles,§ US patent application #2008/070164 with Northeastern University, July 16, 2008

13) V. Torchilin, Y. Lvov, Z. Zheng, ※Stable Aqueous Nanocolloids of Paclitaxel and Atavoquone,§ Provisional patent appl. with Northeastern University, April 25,  2009

 14) J. Cardelli, P. O'Neal, Y. Lvov, ※Generation of Layer-by-Layer Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of  Anti-Cancer Polyphenols§ patent application with LSU HSC-Shreveport was filed in March 2009

15) Y. Lvov, E. Abdullayev, ※Microreservoir with End Plugs for Controlled Release of Corrosion Inhibitor" provision US patent appl. #12/795,984 filed June 8, 2010.


Licensing technology:

1)       Through LaTech Research Foundation to Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc., New Haven, CT, ※Microencapsulation of Hemoglobin in Nanoorganized Polymer Sells,§  May 15, 2008

2)       Through LaTech Research Foundation to Nemucore Medical Innovations Inc, Wellesley, MS, ※Therapeutic Stable Nanoparticles,§ October 18, 2008



a.      Articles   Total 每205 articles published in peer reviewed journals with total citation of my papers  8,300 and my H-index is 45;  thirty  most important articles are given below:

1.        K. Ariga, Y. Lvov, J. Hill, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, v 63, in press, 2011,  ※Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Shells for Drug Delivery§ journal impact factor 11.9

2.         Y. Lvov, P. Pattekari, X. Zhang, V. Torchilin,  Langmuir, v.27, 1378, 2011,※Converting Poorly Soluble Materials into Stable Aqueous Nanocolloids

3.        E. Abdullayev, Y. Lvov, J. of Materials Chemistry, v.20, 6681-6687, 2010, ※Clay nanotubes for corrosion inhibitor encapsulation:  release control with end stoppers※

4.        V. Vergaro, E. Abdullayev, R. Cingolani, Y. Lvov, S. Leporatti,  Biomacromolecules, v.11, 1177, 2010, Cito/biocompatibility and Uptake Visualization  for Clay Nanotubes,§

5.        S. Balkundi, M. Eby, G. Johnson, Y. Lvov, Langmuir, v.25, 15221, 2009, ※Encapsulation of Bacterial Spores in Nanoorganized Shells§

6.        D. Fix, D. Andreeva, H. Möhwald, Y. Lvov, D. Shchukin, Advanced Funct. Materials, v.19, 1720-1727, 2009,  ※Application of Inhibitor Loaded Halloysite Nanotubes in Active Anticorrosive Coatings

7.        M. Agarwal, Q, Xing, Y.Lvov, N. Kotov, K. Varahramyan, Nanotechnology, v.20, #215602, 2009, ※Conductive Paper  from Lignocellulose Wood Microfibers Coated with Nanocomposites of Carbon Nanotubes and Conductive Polymers§  

8.        A. Agarwal, Y. Lvov, R. Sawant, V. Torchilin, J. Controlled Release, v.7, 788-796, 2008, ※Stable Nanocolloids of Poorly Soluble Drugs with High Drug Content Prepared Using Sonic Layer-by-Layer Technology.§

9.        Y. Lvov, D. Shchukin, H. Moehwald, R. Price, ACS Nano, v.2, 567-572, 2008, ※Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Protective Agents§ feature/ perspective paper

10.     N. Veerabadran, R. Price, Y. Lvov,  NANO Journal, v.2, 215-222,  2007 ※Clay Nanotubules for Drug Encapsulation and Sustained Release§  

11.     V. Kamineni, Y. Lvov, T. Dobbins, Langmuir, v. 23, 7423-7427, 2007, ※Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly of Polyelectrolytes Performed Using Formamide as the Working Medium§  

12.     Y. Lvov, Z. Zheng, Z. Lu, S. Eadula, G. Grozdits, Nordic Pulp and Paper Research J., v.21, 552-559, 2006, ※Layer-by-Layer Nanocoating of Mill Broken Fibers for Improved Paper§

13.     T. Shutava, D. Kommireddy, Y. Lvov, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, v.128, 9926-9934, ※Polyelectrolyte / Enzyme Multilayer As Functional Protective Nano/barrier in Oxidizing Media§

14.     N. Pargaonkar, Y. Lvov, N. Li, M. de Villiers, Pharmaceutical Res. J., v.22, 826-835, 2005, ※Controlled Release of Dexamethasone from Microcapsules Produced by Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly.§

15.     D. Kommireddy, A. Patel, T. Shutava, D. Mills, Y. Lvov, J. Nanoscience Nanotechnology, v.5, 1081-1087, 2005, ※Layer-by-Layer Assembly of TiO2 Nanoparticle for Stable Hydrophilic Biocompatible Coating§

16.     D. Shchukin, R. Price, G. Sukhorukov, Y. Lvov, Small (Nano- Micro), v.1,  510-513,  2005, ※Biomimetic Synthesis of Vaterite in the  Interior of Clay Nanotubules§

17.     D. Shchukin, A. Patel, G. Sukhorukov, Y. Lvov, J. Am. Chem. Society, 2004, v.126, 3374-3376, ※Nanoassembly of Biodegradable Microcapsules for DNA Encasing§

18.     T. Cui, F. Hua, Y. Lvov, IEEE Electronic Devices, 2004, v.51, 503-507 ※Field Effect Transistor Fabricated by Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly§

19.        F. Hua, T. Cui, Y. Lvov, Nano Letter, 2004, v.4, 878-882, ※Ultrathin Cantilevers Based on Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposite Assembled through Layer-by-Layer Adsorption§

20.        D. Shchukin, D. Kommireddy, T. Cui, G. Sukhorukov, Y. Lvov, Advanced Materials, 2004, v.16, 389-393, ※Fabrication of Polyelectrolyte/Protein Microarrays Using a Laminar Flow Microfluidic Device§  

21.        R. Ghan, T. Shutava, V. John, Y. Lvov, Macromolecules, 2004, v.37, 4519, ※Enzyme Catalyzed Polymerization of Phenols within Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules§

22.     H. Ai, S. Jones, M. de Villiers, Y. Lvov, J. Controlled Release, 2003, v.86, 59-66, ※Nanoencapsulation of Furosemide Microcrystals for Controlled Drug Release§

23.     F. Hua, J. Shi, Y. Lvov, T. Cui, Nanotechnology, 2003, v.14, 453-457, ※Fabrication and Characterization of Capacitor Based on Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Thin Films§

24.     F. Hua, Y. Lvov, T. Cui, Nano Letters, 2002, v.2, 1219-1222, ※Patterning of Layer-by-layer Self-assembled Multiple Types of Nanoparticle Thin Films by Lithographic Technique

25.   F. Hua, T. Cui, Y. Lvov, Langmuir, 2002, v.18, 6712-6715, ※Lithographic Approach to Pattern Self-Assembled Polyelectrolyte Multilayers§

26.     Y. Lvov, F. Caruso, Analytical Chemistry, 2001, v.73, 4212-4217, ※Biocolloids with Ordered Urease Multilayer Shells as Enzymatic Reactors§

27.     Y. Lvov, A. Antipov, H. Möhwald, G. Sukhorukov, Nano Letters, 2001, v.1, 125-128,  ※Urease Encapsulation in Nano/organized Microshells§

28.     Y. Lvov,  J. Schenkman, J. Rusling, J. Am. Chemical Society, 1998, v.120, 4073-4080 ※Direct Electrochemistry of Myoglobin and Cytochrome P450 in Alternate Layer-by-Layer Films with DNA and other Polyions§

29.     K. Ariga, Y. Lvov, T. Kunitake, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997, v.119, 2224-2231 "Assembling Alternate Dye-Polyion Molecular Films by Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Adsorption"

30.     Y. Lvov, I. Ichinose, T. Kunitake, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1995, v.117, 6117-6122 "Assembly of Multicomponent Protein Films by Means of Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Adsorption"


b.     Books and chapters (published during last eight years)

Book edited:

"Protein Architecture: Interfacial Molecular Assembly and Immobilization Biotechnology", Editors: Y. Lvov and H. Möhwald, 2000, Marcel Dekker Publ., NY, pp. 1-394 (ISBN 0-8247-8236-4).

※Bio-Inorganic Nanostructured Hybrid Materials,§ Editors: E. Ruiz-Hitzky, K. Ariga, and Y. Lvov, 2008 by Wiley Publ., London, Berlin, New York, pp. 1-520 (ISBN 978-3-527-31718-9)


      Recent chapters in books (from total 20 chapters)

1.  E. Abdullayev, Y. Lvov, ※Clay Nanotubes  for Controlled Release of Protective Agents,§ Ch.3 in the book: ※Active Coatings Based on Nanocontainers,§ Eds. D. Shchukin, H. Möhwald, Wiley Publ., London, Berlin, 2011  in press

2.  F. Hua, Y. Lvov, ※Nanocomposites Fabricated by Layer-by-Layer  Self-Assembly and Their Applications,§ ch.1, in book: The New Frontiers of Organic and Composite Nanotechnology, Editor: Victor Erokhin, Elsevier Publ., 2009, pp 1-504 (ISBN 978-008-045052-0)

3.  Y. Lvov, R. Price, "Halloysite Nanotubules a Novel Substrate for the Controlled Delivery of Bioactive Molecules," in book: Bio-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials, Editors: E. Ruiz-Hitzky, K. Ariga, Y. Lvov, Wiley Publ., London, Berlin, Ch 14, 454-480, 2008 (ISBN 978-3-527-31718-9)

4.  H. Ai, Y. Lvov, ※Biomaterials Based on Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly: Ultrathin Coating and Microencapsulation,§ in book: Bottom-Up Nanofabrication: Supramolecules, Self-Assemblies, and Organized Films.  Editor: K. Ariga, 2007, American Scientific Publishers, NY, pp. 124-146.

5.  M. DeVilliers, Y. Lvov ※Nanocapsules for Drug Delivery,§ in book: "Nanotechnologies for Life Sciences," Editor: C. Kumar, v.10, Wiley-VCH, Berlin, Ch. 12, 527-556, 2006


Presentations with published abstracts   Totally, more than 200 presentations.

Below, the titles of major invited talks in the last five years:

1.        Y. Lvov, ※Nano, Microencapsulation of Bioactive Macromolecules for Controlled Release Delivery (Nanoshells and Clay Nanotubules).§  Micro/Nano-Encapsulation of Active Food Ingredients, 233rd American Chemical Society Meeting, Agriculture & Food Chemistry Division,  April 1, 2007, Chicago 每 invited talk

2.        Y. Lvov, ※Cellulose Microfiber Functionalizing through Nanocoating with Polyelectrolytes, Enzymes, and Nanoparticles,§ 233rd American Chemical Society Meeting, Cellulose & Renewable Materials Division,  April 1, 2007, Chicago 每 invited talk

3.        Y. Lvov, ※Layer-by-Layer Nanocoating for Pharmaceuticals: from Microcapsules to Nanoshells,§  5th   International  Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium, Boston, November 2-3, 2007,  - invited talk 

4.        Y. Lvov, ※1-, 2-, and 3-D Biomimetic Nanoassembly (Coating, Patterning and Encapsulation),§ 8th World Biomaterials Congress, Layer-by-layer nanoassembled materials,  28 May 2008, Amsterdam  - invited keynote speaker

5.        Y. Lvov,  ※Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Protective Agents§ Colloids Symposium in Memory of Janos Fendler, 236th  National American Chemical Society Meeting, Aug 17-21, 2008, Philadelphia invited talk

6.       Y. Lvov, E. Abdullayev, ※Self-Healing Coatings Based on Clay Nanotube /Polymer Composites,§ 13th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films (LB-13), July 18-21, 2010 Quebec City, Canada- invited talk

7.       Y. Lvov, ※Clay nanotube protective coating with controlled release of healing agents,§ 15th Intern. Coating Science & Technology Symposium  (section: Nanomaterial and Nanoscale Coatings), Sept 12-15, 2010, St. Paul, MN, USA- invited talk

8.       Y. Lvov, ※Halloysite Nanotubes as Nanocontainers for Controlled Release,§ PMSE Symposium Clay/Polymer Nanocomposites, 241st   National American Chemical Society Meeting, Anaheim, March 27-30, 2011 每 invited talk



Invited lectures in universities and companies in the last five years:

1.        University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy, MD, ※Nanoassembly for Drug Encapsulation,§ April 21, 2006, host: Prof. Mel DeVilliers 

2.        Moscow State University, Macromolecules and Polymer Science Department, Moscow, Russia,  ※Liposome  Encapsulation for Sustain Drug Release,§ June 4, 2006, host  Prof. Alex Yaroslavov

3. MIT, Materials Science and Engineering Dep., Cambridge, ※Nanoparticle Self-Assembly as Smart Coating,§ June 29, 2006, hosts: Profs. Michael Rubner and Robert Cohen

4.  Stevens Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Dep., Newark, ※LbL Microencapsulation of Drugs:  Interpolyelectrolyte Complexation and Interior Protection,§ July 3, 2006, host: Prof. Sveta Sukhishvili

5. University of Maine, Portland, ※Nanolayer Coating on Fibers and Other Materials,§ Portland, July 13, Forest Product Industry  Nanotechnology Research Interest Workshop organized by  AF&PA Agenda-2020 Workgroup and facilitated by the University of Maine; hosts Drs. Phil Jones, and Jake Ward.

6.  Atlantis Mining Company, Nanoclay Technology Division, Eureka, UT, ※Halloysite Nanotubules as Nanocontainer,§  Sept 19, 2006. Host: Technical Director Mr. Ronald Price

7.   Cornell University, Department of Fiber Science, Ithaca, NY,  ※Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly for Nanocoating on Microtemplates   (fibers and capsules),§ Oct 19, 2006, host: Prof. Juan Hinestroza

8.  Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, ※Quantum Dot Nanoassembly 每 Multilayer System for Energy None/Emitting Transfer,§ Lebedev*s Institute of Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, November 25, 2006; host: Head of Luminescence Laboratory, Prof. Alex Vitukhnovsky.

9.   Tyndall Air Force Base, Research Division, Panama City, ※Nanoencapsulation of Bacteria,§ April 2, 2007. Host: Dr. Glen Johnson

10.     Northeastern University, Boston, Cancer Nanomedicin Institute, ※Polyelectrolyte Nanoshell for Drug Delivery,§ April 16, 2007. Host: Director, Prof. Vlad Torchilin

11.     MeadWestvaco Center for Packaging Innovation NCSU Centennial Campus, Raleigh, NC 27606, North Caroline University, ※Nanocoating for Smart Paper,§   August 12, 2007, Host: Dr. Mark A Johnson,

12.     Cancer Hospital, Research Division and Louisiana State University Health Center, Shreveport,   ※Cancer Drug Nanocapsules,§ August 16, 2007. Hosts: Prof.   R. Toledo Gonzales,  A. D*Augustino

13.     Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, ※Halloysite Nanotubules as Container for Controlled Release,§ October 23, 2007.  Host: Prof. Helmuth Moehwald

14.     Louis Paster Strasbourg University, Institute Charls Sadron, ※Sustained Release from Clay Nanotubules and Drug Nanoparticles,§ December 7, 2007. Host: Prof. Gero Decher

15.     University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, Stable Nanocolloids of Poorly Soluble Drugs Using Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly.§ April 15, 2008. Host: Prof. David J. Edwards

16.     Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, ※Halloysite Tubule Nanoclay as Novel Substrate for Bioactive Materials,§ May 26, 2008. Host: Prof. Helmuth Moehwald

17.     Texas A & M University, Materials Science and Engineering Dep., University College, TX, ※Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Corrosion Protective Chemicals,§ November 21, 2008. Host: Prof. Jan Gerston

18.      University of Texas at Arlington, Dep. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, §Functional Organic / Inorganic Nanocoating.§ March 27, 2009. Host: Prof. C. Luo and Albert Tong

19.     Institute of  Elemento-Organic Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, ※1D, 2D, and 3D Functional Nanoassembly: Coating, Patterning, and Encapsulation,※ June 5, 2009, host: Prof. Alex Khokhlov

20.     Kyushu University, Chemical Engineering Dep., Fukuoka, Japan, ※Clay Nanotubes for Anticorrosion protection,§ August 18, 2009, Hosts: Profs. Atsushi Takahara  and Toyoki Kunitake

21.     National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan, ※Smart Nanocontainers,§ August 28, 2009. Hosts: Drs.  Katsuhiko Ariga and Izumi Ichinose

22.      National Nanotechnology Laboratory, Lecce, Italy. ※Nanocarriers for Cancer Drugs,§ November 25, 2009.  Hosts: Prof. Roberto Cingolani and Dr. Stefano Leporatti

23.     Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Berlin, Germany, ※Halloysite Nanotubes for Corrosion Protection: End Stopper Formation,§ May 28, 2010. Hosts: Director, Prof. Helmuth Moehwald and Dr. Dmitry Shchukin

24.     Institute of  Elemento-Organic Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow,  ※Smart Nanocontainers: from Nanocapsules to Nanotubes,※  June 8, 2010, host: Vice-President of the Moscow State University, Prof. Alexei Khokhlov

25.     Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Physics, National  Russian Research Center, Moscow, ※Clay nanotubes for controlled delivery of chemicals,§ June 11, 2010, host: Director, Prof. Michael Kovalchuk and Dr. Pavel Kashkarov

26.     Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan,  invited lecture US Nanotechnology Program and Louisiana Tech University Niche: Nanoassembly,§ June 25, 2010,  host: the University President Prof. A. Gazaliev and Dr. V. Portnov

27.     PPG-Industries Corp, Pittsburgh, ※Clay Nanotubes for Controlled Release of Protective Agents,§ June 29, 2010, hosts: Dr. Tim Marsh, and Dr. Kurt Olson, Director Automotive Products

28.     Indiana University-Purdue University,  Indianapolis,  Sept 10,  2010, ※Smart Nanocontainers: from Nanocapsules to Nanotubes,※  host: Prof.  M. Agarwal

29.     Cameron Corporation, Houston, Nov 4, 2010  ※Halloysite nanocontainerbased anticorrosion and selfhealing systems,§ host: Principal Research Engineer Don Coonrad



University Service

Established LaTech collaboration with Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany. 

Established collaboration with National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan

Member of Steering Committee for MS/PhD program in Molecular Chemistry and Nanotechnology, LaTech.

Member of Steering Committee for Governor Biotechnology Initiative program, LaTech.

Member of the Engineering College Tenure and Promotion Committee.

Chief  Scientist at the Institute for Micromanufacturing, LaTech

Member of the Inst for Micromanufacturing Leadership team.

Chair of IfM-graduate bi-weekly seminar on Nanotechnology: ※Functional Nanoassemblies: Fundamentals and Applications.§  148 reports were delivered on this seminar in the last five years.



Professional Service

I was a panel referee for National Science Foundation panel on Nanoscale Centers, NSF Chemistry Program, NSF Ceramics Program, and NSF MRSEC program: 2004-2010; a referee for National Institute of Health (NIH) 每2003-2010; American Chemical Society Petroleum Foundation - 15 reviews during 2000-2009, and for Army Research Office, Mechanical Sciences Division (2002-2010). Reviewer on Nanofiber Materials for US Army Research Office, 2006-2009 ♂ Reviewer for Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, 2005-2007, projects on Targeted Nano-Therapeutics.  ♂ Reviewer for US Civilian Research and Development Foundation on New Nanoparticle Materials, 2006-2009. 

I am chair and organizer of  ※Clay / Polymer Composites:  from Nanoplates to Nanotubes§  Symposium at 241st  National Meeting of American Chemical Society, PMSE-Division, Anaheim, CA,  March 27-30, 2011.

I was a chair of the 236th American Chemical Society Symposium ※Nanoassembly: From Fundamental to Applications,§ August 17-20, 2008, Philadelphia,   and  Head of Organizing Committee of the American Chemical Society Symposium ※Smart Nano-Assemblies,§ New York Hilton Hotel, 7-10 Sept 2003. There were ca 150 participants from US, Germany, France, UK, Japan, China, and Russia at these interesting and successful symposiums.  

In 2005-2010 I served as a peer referee for the following journals: Journal of American Chemical Society, Biomacromolecules, Langmuir, Macromolecules, Colloids and Surfaces: Engineering, J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, J. Physical Chemistry, Nano Letters, J. Colloid and Interface Sciences; J. Vacuum Science and Technology, Thin Solid Films, Analytical Chemistry, and Advanced Materials. More than 200 papers were reviewed for these prestigious international journals.


Results dissemination: 

article in Ruston Daily Leader, July 18, 2008  ※International journal features lauded professor: Work boosts cancer drugs.§ ♂ article ※Tech*s Lvov Named LA*s Top Researcher,§ in The News Star, Monroe, October 25, 2006;   ♂  paper ※Professor Recognized as Outstanding Researcher,§ in The Ruston Daily Leader, October 26, 2006 ♂ editorial article ※Lvov*s Work no Small Feat,§ in The News Star, Monroe, November 2, 2006; ♂  paper  ※Tech Nano-Researchers Pioneer Smarter, Tougher Paper,§ in The News Star, Monroe, December 15, 2006; ♂ article ※ULM-LaTech Join Research to Compete for Funding,§ April 26, 2006 in The News-Star, Monroe

National press:  ♂ paper in  The Atlanta Post, Aug 23, 2010 ※The job outlook for the cutting edge  field of nanotechnology.§  ♂ Cover page featuring of our drug nanocapsule research in journal ※Pharma Focus Asia§ July 2008  ♂ article:  ※Think Small 每 You Are Entering Nano-Zone.  Nanotechnology for Forestry,§ in  PAPER-360º  TAPPI National Journal, August issue of  2006, p.30-36,  ♂ ※Science-NASA§ journal published a paper ※Voyage to the Nano-Surgeons§ describing our research on drug nanocapsule delivery, March 23, 2003.



New graduate course ※Nanofabrication by Self-Assembly§ was prepared and taught for eight years with an overage enrollment of about 26 students. The following courses were taught at Louisiana Tech University during last 7 years:

Undergraduate (with average enrollment of 75 students):  General Physics, - PHYS 209 and 210; Physics for Engineers, - PHYS 201 and 202; Conceptual Physics,- PHYS 205 and 206.

Graduate:  CHEM 523/450, and MSNT506 - ※Nanofabrication by Self-Assembly,§ MSE 505 - ※Nanotechnology Principles,§  MSE 501 - ※Microsystem Principles§ 每 part on nanoassembly;   MSE 512 - ※Biotechnology Principles§ 每 part on bio/membranes, lipid mesophases, and Langmuir-Blodgett films; ENG 647 每 ※Smart Nanocontainers§ MSNT 504 每 graduate nanotechnology seminar

Currently, I am a chair of advisory committee for 7 PhD grad students, and a member of advisory committee of another 22  PhD students.

 I was an advisor for six  postdocs: Drs T. Shutova, Z. Lu, D. Schukin, G. Bantchev, M. Agarwal, Weng-On Yah

 In last six years, the following my students graduated with a degree:

1)       Ms. Zhixuan Zhu, MS in Chemistry, 2001, ※Layer-by-layer Self-assembly of  Urease and Polycations§

2)       Ms. Jeanhong Qiu, MS in Chemistry, 2002, ※Ultrathin Films of Arginase for Sensor Applications§

3)       Ms. Ming Fang, MS in Physics, 2002, ※Magnetic Bio/Nanoreactor with Multilayer Shells of Glucose Oxidase and Inorganic Nanoparticles§

4)       Dr. Laura Pastorino, (co-chair with Victor Erokhin) PhD in Biophysics, LaTech/Genoa University, 2002, ※Complex Catalytic Colloids on the Basis of Firefly Luciferase as Optical Nanosensor Platform§

5)       Dr. Hua Ai, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2002, ※Biomedical Applications of Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Nano-Assembly of Polymers, Enzymes and Nanoparticles§

6)       Mr. Sandeep Disawal, MS in Chemical Engineering, 2003 ※Layer-by-Layer Immobilization of Organophosphorus Anhydrase§

7)       Dr. Feng Hua, PhD in Engineering, 2003, ※Lithographic Approach to Pattern Self-assembled Polyelectrolyte Multilayers§  

8)       Mr. Sachin Sah, MS in Biomedical Engineering, 2003,§Implementation of Microfluidic Device for Blood Platelet Analysis.§

9)       Dr. Jingshi Shi, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2004, ※Layer-by-layer Nanoassembly Combined with Microfabrication Techniques for Microelectronics and MEMS§   

10)    Dr. Rohit Ghan, PhD in Engineering, 2004, ※Biomimetic Synthesis within Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules: Characterization of Enzyme Catalyzed Polyphenols and Polypeptides§

11)     Dr. Amish Patel, PhD in Chemical Engineering, 2004 ※ Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly for Enzyme & DNA Encapsulation and Delivery※ 

12)    Dr. Zonghuan Lu,  MS in Chemistry,  2004, ※Nanoassembly of Polymeric Capsules Using MnCO3 Microcores as Template ※ 

13)    Mr. Zhiguo Zheng, MS in Chemistry, 2005, ※Nanoassembly for Pulp and Paper Processing§

14)    Dr. Dinesh Kommireddy, PhD in Engineering, 2005,  ※Biocompatible Nanocoating for Cell Tissue Engineering§

15)    Dr. Nikhil Pargaonkar, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2005, ※Nanoengineered Microshells for Dexamethasone Sustained Release§

16)    Mr. Sandeep R. Eadula, MS in Nanotechnology and Molecular Biology, August 2006, ※Nanocoating of Cellulose Microfibers for Novel Bioconjugates§

17)    Dr. Malcolm Prouty, PhD in Engineering, Aug 2007, ※Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Microcapsules for the Magnetic Activation of Semi-permeable Nanoshells.§

18)    Dr. Nalinkan G. Veerabadran,  PhD in Biomedical Engineering, ※Drug Encapsulation in Nanocapsules and Nanotubules,§  August 2008

19)    Dr. Anshul Agarwal, PhD-Biomed, ※Nanoformulation and Controlled Delivery for Low Soluble Anticancer Drugs,§ grad May 2009

20)    Dr. Shantanu Balkundi, PhD-Biomed, ※Biomimetic Approach to Micro Nano Encapsulation for Drug Formulations,§ grad Aug 2009

21)    Dr. Qi Xing, PhD-Engineering, ※Cellulose Microfibers Modified with Carbon Nanotubes and Enzymes,§ grad Nov 2009

22)    Dr. Elshad Abdullayev, PhD-Engineering, ※Halloysite clay nanotube for controlled delivery of chemically active agents,§ grad Nov 2010

23)    Dr. Zhiguo Zheng, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, expected March  2011


In earlier years of my career I was a chair for five students who graduated with PhD in physics and chemistry from the Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences (A. Krivandin, V. Erokhin, M. Vorobyev, M. Oimatov, and L. Valkova). Their works were devoted to the study of biological membranes, lipid mesophases, and to application of these systems in microelectronics using Langmuir-Blodgett assembly of nano/organized films.


Industrial contracts: 2000- BioRad Corporation, California on magnetic nanocores; 2001-2003 contract with CIBA-Vision Corporation on eye lens biocompatible nanocoating; 2004-2007 contract with EPIC Therapeutics Inc, Baxter Corporation on insulin and other protein drug microencapsulation; 2006-2007 contract with SAPPI Fine Paper Corporation on nanotechnology for wood fiber processing, and 2007-2008 每 contract with Atlas Mining Inc, on halloysite clay nanotubes; 2009-2010, contract with Toshiba Tec Corp., 2010- contract with Applied Minerals-NY, Inc., 2011-in preparation contract with PPG-Industries Corp.

Last 5 years collaboration:  Texas A & M University, - M. McShane; Northeastern University, Boston, - V. Torchilin; Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Germany - H. Moehwald, D. Shchukin; Queen Mary College, London University, - G. Sukhorukov;  National Nanotechnology Laboratory, Lecce, Italy 每 S. Leporatti; and National Institute of Materials Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan - I. Ichinose, K. Ariga


Additional Information

   Industry consulting: 1999-2001, BioRad Incorporation, Diagnostic Division;  2002 - Novartis Corporation; 2003 - Cabot Corporation;   2004 - Baxter Corporation;  2004 每 International Paper Company;  2005 每 Eeonyx Incorporation, 2005- nGimat Company, 2006-Weyerhaueser Corporation, 2007-2010-Atlas Mining Company.

   Following the US Institute of Scientific Information (February, 2010), my citation index is more than 8,320 and my H-index is 45 which is an outstanding result. Two of my papers (in Journal of American Chemical Society and Langmuir) were cited 890 and 536 times, respectively. Another seven papers (two in Journal of American Chemical Society, in Macromolecules, two in Langmuir, and Thin Solid Films) and book Protein Architecture were cited more than 200 times each.


My Advisors: PhD - Lev Feigin (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow);   postdoctoral - Helmuth Moehwald (Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Germany), and Toyoki Kunitake (Kyushu University and, currently, Tsukuba Research Center, Japan).