English 303
Purchasing Recommendation Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Grade

For this presentation, imagine that you have a job and work in your chosen field of study. Your department has been asked to prepare a presentation for the finance department and the executive board that would describe some equipment or service that is needed for your department within a budget of $100,000 -- something that they could buy that would enable you to do your job more effectively.  The recommended purchase might require all of the $100,000, or just a small part of it.  Some of the things you could recommend to the committee include, but are not limited to, types of equipment and computer software.

Conduct some brief research into a product or service that people in your field need to do their jobs effectively.  (If you need to, ask professors or people you know who work in these fields for suggestions, or perhaps draw on your own experience.)  Get enough information about this product or service to explain it to the business people (your classmates) who will be making the purchase.  Be sure to include why this product or service is needed and how much it will cost.  Convince the finance department and the executive board that they should spend the money on your department. 

Criteria and principal points regarding this presentation: