How To Change A Tire 
You jump in your car headed for the airport to catch a plane bound for Hawaii.  You get halfway there, and all of a sudden, your car begins to feel strange…it’s not handling like it should.  You pull off to the side of the highway, and to your horror, you have a flat tire.  Ok, no big deal, I have this nice cellular phone, I can call for help…Oh but where did I put it…rats… I left it on the bed while I was hastily packing for my trip.  Now what do I do? I’ve never changed a tire in my life…I wouldn’t even know where to begin…

Well, lucky you…You happened upon this web page the other night while frantically searching for discounted airfare, and something in the back of your mind convinced you to print it and stick it in your car.

Using our instructions, you’ll be able to change that tire, and still make it to the airport just in time to catch your plane.

Good luck!

What You'll Need

 Most vehicles will have an owners' manual which will tell you where to look for the jack and the spare tire.
 You should make sure that your spare tire is properly inflated, and you have all the necessary tools before you drive off...just in case you get a flat.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Choose your spot well

Step 2: Remove tools from vehicle Step 3: Loosen the lug nuts  Step 4: Jack up the vehicle Step 5: Remove the flat tire   

Step 6: Put on the spare tire 

Step 7: Lower the vehicle   

Step 8: Put the tools away

Congratulations!  You've changed your tire!  Now, if you hurry, you can still catch that plane to Hawaii... have a great trip, and send us a postcard!

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 Prepared by:
    Corey Caillouet
    April Chaisson
    Tim Gaines
    Karla James
    Nicki Smith
    Brad Steed
For Dr. Bruce Magee's English 303 (Technical Writing) Class, Winter 1997-1998.

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