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Tech Library & Resources

  • Tech Library
    • Library Reference Desk.  These are the most useful in finding material for your papers.  Start with InfoTrac, which has some articles on-line.  Use the MLA next: it's the standard in research on literature.
      • GaleNet: Provides access to a suite of full-text databases including Biography Resource Center, Literature Resource Center, Discovering Authors, Exploring Poetry, Scribner Writers Series and Twayne's Author Series.
      • Humanities Full Text: Offers selected full-text articles cited in Humanities Abstracts beginning in 1995.
      • InfoTrac: Full-text articles and citations on academic and general topics. Comprised of five databases: General Reference, Health Reference, General BusinessFile ASAP, Expanded Academic, and National Newspaper Index.
      • Literature Resource Center: Once connected to GaleNet, scroll down to access. Access to biographies, bibliographies and critical analysis of more than 90,000 writers.
      • MLA Bibliography & MLA Directory: Produced by the Modern Language Association, MLA indexes journals, dissertations, monographs, proceedings and other materials dealing with modern language, literature, linguistics and folklore (1963 - present).
    • Oxford English Dictionary Online  The OED is THE standard dictionary of the English Language.  Nothing else comes close.  You have to be a Tech student to use this resource here, but many universities have similar arrangements with the OED.
    • Thesaurus.com  An on-line thesaurus.

    Literary theory

    We use some approach to literature when we analyze it. 

    These approaches are called literary theory
    The analysis itself is often called criticism or literary criticism.  It does not necessarily imply a negative 
    view of the work you are studying.  The term comes from the Greek word krisis, meaning judgment.  Literary criticism 
    involves making judgments about a work. 

    Here are some links to introduce you to literary theory. 

    Google Directory   Arts > Literature > Reviews and Criticism > Theory
    Introduction to Modern Literary Theory
    Dr. Kristi Siegel's introduction to various theories.  She has basic introductions to the following themes.  She also gives links to other sites that have longer discussions.  Here are the approaches she discusses.
    New Criticism
    Archetypal/Myth Criticism
    Psychoanalytic Criticism
    Existentialism, Phenomenology, and Hermeneutics
    Russian Formalism/Prague Linguistic Circle/Linguistic Criticism/Dialogism
    Structuralism and Semiotics
    Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction
    Reception and Reader-Response Theory
    Genre Criticism
    Travel Theory
    Autobiographical Theory
    Links to Other General Literary Theory Websites
    Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry from Representitive Poetry Online
    The University of Toronto hosts this helpful site.  It has on-line versions of poems by many authors.  This section contains criticism of poetry that ranges from the old (some of the works were written in the 1500s) to the current.
    "The media studies website with resources on identities, theorists, gender and much more."  The high point of the site is the collection of Theory Trading Cards.

    MLA Style

    Your papers should follow current the MLA style.  You can find a guide to MLA style in your current 102 textbook.  Here are some on-line resources:
  • For citing regular resources, Cornell's library has a page on MLA Citation Style.  It is similar to the guide in your book.
  • MLA Style from the MLA home page shows you how to cite Internet resources in your bibliography.  Your book also has some guidelines to online resources.
  • MLA citation examples from the Honolulu Community College
    Library Guide.
  • MLA Style  is another site showing how to cite Internet resources in your bibliography.
  • Slate Citition Machine.  Fill in a form & it will produce the bibliographic entry.  I've found errors in some of the forms.
  • EasyBib.Com  Fill in a form & it will produce the bibliographic entry.  It will also export the entry in Wordperfect format.