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The necktie has a colorful and unusual history. The demise of the tie has been predicted quite often--as the only piece of a man's attire with no function--but the tie continues to hold on. The history of the necktie dates back to the year 1660. In celebration of winning a war against Turkey, a regiment from Croatia was presented as heroes in Paris to Louis XIV.  The officers of this regiment were wearing brightly colored silk handkerchiefs around their necks. These neck cloths struck the kings fancy, and he soon made them a symbol of royalty. The new style soon spread and has developed and changed much over the years. 

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These pages shows how to tie the different knots for a necktie and a bowtie.


  1. Four-in-Hand Knot

  2. Half Windsor

  3. Full Windsor

  4. Shelby

  5. Bow Tie

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