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These links are provided to help you find a whole host of financial aid information. There are literally millions of dollars of unclaimed scholarships every year because students do not take the time to seek them out. Use these resources to find and attain some of these millions for yourself…….

Louisiana Tech University Home Page
Any and all of the admissions, financial aid, student life, or academic sections of the Louisiana Tech Site are available here.

FAFSA On the Web
More detailed information about federal financial aid.  Also, register and prepare your FAFSA form online.
A free need and merit-based scholarship search engine. Just enter your pertinent information and career choice or concentration, and you're on your way to thousands of dollars available to anyone.

Another free scholarship search engine.  The more you know about, the more cash you find in your hand.

USA Group Loan
More detailed information from a well-known loan provider for Louisiana Tech.

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To contact the Louisiana Tech Financial Aid Office for more information:

Phone: (800) LATECH1
Fax:    (318) 257-2628