Dummy Report





Letter Format:

1) The return address should be left justified at the center of the page.  To do this, drag the gray triangle at the top of the ruler bar to the 3" line.  Left justify should be automatically selected, so you may now simply type your return information.

2) Insert a quadruple space (either by hitting "enter" 4 times or using Format>Paragraph) and move the gray triangle back to the 0" line.  Type the address of the individual(S) receiving the letter (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Centering the letter header.

3) Insert a double space and type a greeting (I.E. "Dear Mr. Guy:")

Figure 2. Typing the return address.

4) Insert a double space after the greeting.  Now, type your letter.  Ideally, it should contain 3 paragraphs: Introduction, Body, and the Conclusion.

5) After the last paragraph, insert a triple space.

6) Use the gray triangle to again align the cursor with the middle of the page (3" line on the ruler).  Type your closure (I.E. "Sincerely,").

7) After the closure, insert a quadruple space (or enough room for you to sign the letter) and type your name (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Quadruple space for the signature.

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