Dummy Report





Recommendations Format

1) The top margin of the page should be set to 2".  This may be set by going to File>Page Setup>Margins>Top and setting the value to 2".

2) Center align the text and type the heading "RECOMMENDATIONS" in bold 14 point font.

3) Set the font format back to 12 point regular, then insert a triple space below the heading by pressing "enter" 3 times or by going to format>paragraph.

4) Type the organization / institution / individual that should implement the recommendations.  I.E. "These recommendations are for the Institute of Doing Stuff about certain relevant things." Note: This section should be double-spaced.

5) Make a numbered, double-spaced list of actions that your paper suggests should be taken.  These sentences should be in imperative form.  Be specific about what changes should be implemented and provide at least 4.

6) Make sure the page is numbered (centered at the bottom).

Recommendations example:

Figure 1. Screenshot of the Recommendations section.

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