Dummy Report





Title Page Format

1) First step to making the title page is to set your top margin. You do this by going to File --> Page Setup.
* When the box pops up the default for the top margin will be 1"

2) Change the top margin to 2" by clicking on the up arrow next to the box. Click ok.

3) Center the entire page by clicking on the center button in the toolbar

4) Use a big font for your paper's title, around 22 or 24 size font in Times New Roman

5) If you have a subtitle, space down to the next line and in a slightly smaller font (maybe 18 font) type it in

6) Return the size of the font to 12 and space down about 8 times

7) Here you type who the paper was prepared for on the first line, their job title on the second line,
   what department they work in on the third line, and the school's name on the fourth line (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Spacing in the Title Page.

8) Space down about 7 times and type 'By' on the first line, your name on the second line, and the
   class on the third line

9) Finally, space down 9 spaces and type in the date (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Spacing the bottom of the Title Page.

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