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Ancient Greek Sites on the World-Wide Web
The Ancient Greek World
AnPhilNet: The Database of l'Année Philologique on the Web. This is like the MLA database for ancient resources.
Bulfinch's Mythology
The Cervantes Project
Classics search engine
English Literature Resources
Gilgamesh Links
Gilgamesh Links from Rogue Community College
Gilgamesh Characters, Gods & Places
Greek Links
The History of Freedom. Lord Acton
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
Internet Classics Archive
Literary Criticism Resources
MIT's Classics Archive
Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages
MythNet (pictures)
Olympian Gods
Perseus Links to texts and images.
Powell. Classical Myth.  Home page for our textbook
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
Tantalus: a modern adaptation

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> Do you know of any on-line Bible commentaries?  Something along the
> lines of the Catholic Encyclopedia, an older work but still valuable.
> Some of those commentaries are well over 100 years old.  Seems like
> somebody would post some of them.

The only Bible commentaries that I am aware of being online are the older and devotional kinds on
You might also look at these links, which are the better ones for scholarly stuff:
The World Wide Study Bible