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Develop Whole New Sets of over 1000 PowerPoint Slides for Major Areas of Computing:

Advanced Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity,
Software Design and Engineering, and
Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing


Create Entirely New Teaching Materials and Lecture Notes for Major Computing Subjects:

Computer Architecture

Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity

(Writing textbooks for the subjects)


Undergraduate Research Project in Information Technology: Robotic Technologies

Use Robotic projects as an educational means and as a means for innovation. Student working on robotic projects require learning software and hardware as well as the interfacing between software/hardware.

Supervising design and implement of seven autonomous robots

(Funded by Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology)


Incorporate Special Projects for Enhancing Learning

Entrepreneurship and Information Technology (large IT) Projects for Software Design and Engineering,

Autonomous Robot Projects for Computer Architecture,
“The Best” Projects
for Advanced Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity, and
“State of the Art” Projects
for Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing


Active Participation in Workshop on Effective Teaching

Conducted by Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent

Appling Active Learning in classes


Hi-Tech Teaching Tools

Use pen-based computer panel for interactive presentations

Use Web-based PowerPoint representations

Use Internet to make all course materials available for students and other instructors



CSC230: Software Design: Software Engineering

Create all new PowerPoint representations

Supervising design and development of Information Technology team projects

From Q001 Fall 1999 to Q082 Winter 2008


CSC251: Computer Organization and Assembly Language: Hardware/Software Interface

Using microcontrollers

Q063 Spring 2006


CSC265 & ELEN232: Introduction to Digital Design: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Develop special lectures to meet the needs of CS and EE students

From Q043 Spring 2004 to present


CSC269 & ELET371: Digital Design Lab: Electrical Engineering Technology

Develop six new labs to meet the needs of CS, EE, and EET students

From Q043 Spring 2004 to present


CSC325: Advanced Data Structures & Algorithm

Use Python to specify algorithms and develop new programs to show new techniques for algorithm design using advanced data structures 


CSC330: Programming Languages

Showcase various programming languages, including Prolog and Lisp.


CSC364: Computer Architecture: Hardware Engineering

Create entirely new teaching materials and lecture notes

Design an entire computer beginning from transistors and presenting the design beginning from 0 and 1

Supervising design and implementation of robotic team projects,

From Q002 Winter 1999 to present


CSC404: Senior Capstone: Graduation Project and Social Aspects of Computing

Prepare students for future advance in computer industry or academic world

Supervising Design and Implementation of large team projects

Q053 Spring 2005


CSC428: Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures

Develop special methods to teach graduate students to program and use Python to specify advanced data structures and algorithms


CSC438: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design

Specially designed for non-CS major Ph.D. students

Q072 Winter 2006 and from Q092 to present


CSC445: Architecture, Operating Systems, Parallel Computing: Software/Hardware Interface

Design specially for graduate students with minimum CS background

Q003 Spring 2000


CSC520: Advanced Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity: Problem Solving Using Computers

Create entirely new teaching materials and lecture notes

Create all new PowerPoint representations

Incorporate “The Best” projects

From Q012 Winter 2000 to present


CSC521: Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallel Processing, State of the Art Systems

Create all new PowerPoint representations

Incorporate “State of the Art” projects

Virtual CPU design and implementation

From Q003 Spring 2000 to present


CSC550A: Special Problems: Introduction to Microprocessor and Parallel Processing

Design specially for CAM Ph.D. Students

Q003 Spring 2000



CSC490: Robotics

Special project course

Q063 Spring 2006


CSC490C: Applied Computer Project: (Advanced Undergraduate Projects)

(Current projects not yet listed)

Network Security in the Nation and at Tech: Q011 Fall 2000, enrollment: James Ray Mangum

Build PC Cluster in Computer Science Labs: Q011 Fall 2000, enrollment: Martin Will

Robot Building Project: Q012 Winter 2000, enrollment: Nick Tullos

Parallel Processing on PC-Cluster: Q012 Winter 2000, enrollment: Matt Peterson


CSC499: Special Topics In Computer Science: (Advanced Undergraduate Topics of Current Interest)

(Current projects not yet listed)

E-Commerce and the World Wide Web: Q012 Winter 2000, enrollment: Helen Tekle (a student from Grambling State University)


CSC550: Special Problems: Special Topics in Computer Science

(Current projects not yet listed)

Web-based CGI programming: Q001 Fall 1999, enrollment: Min Xu

Web-page classification statistical methods: Q012 Winter 2000, enrollment: Shanyun Wang

E-mail Security: Q013 Spring 2000, enrollment: Nakul Bharade

And more …


CSC551: Research and Thesis in Computer Science: Graduate Research

(Current projects not yet listed)

Network of Workstations: Parallel and Distributed Computing: Q002 Fall 1999, enrollment: Yunjuan Xie

Circuit Design Automation: Q003 Spring 2000, enrollment: Patrick Peng


CSC555: Practicum: Special Graduate Projects in Computer Science

(Current projects not yet listed)

Web-based Effective Communication: Q003-023 enrollment: Nakul Bharade

Distributed Processing using Common Object Request Broker Architecture:  Q003 enrollment: Shaopeng Sun

Data mining and Classification: Q003 enrollment: Shoahui Jia

Web based State Table and VHDL translation: Q003 enrollment: Mu Zhou

Data mining and warehousing: Q002-022 enrollment: Boalin Li

Distributed programming: Q002-003 enrollment: Cheng Yu

Web-based Java CGI applications: Q002-003 enrollment: Edward Lu

Web Server Construction and Data Searching: Q001-003 enrollment: Yongjing Lin

Automatic Classification of Web Pages: Q003-011 enrollment: Jianxin Chen

E-Commerce and the World Wide Web: Q002-012 enrollment: Min Xu

Web-pages Compression: Q002-012 enrollment: Qiaoyu Lu


ACAM690: Dissertation Research: Ph.D. Research in Computations

(Current students not yet listed)

Data Mining and Warehousing: Q003 enrollment: Brenda Miles



Ph.D. Dissertation Advised: Chair of Doctoral Advisory Committee for:

Andrey Timofeyev, Automatic Document Summarization Using Knowledge Based System, May 2018. Xiaomei Huang, Text Summarization Using Concept Hierarchy, May 2009.

Xiaogang Peng, Sense Based Text Classification by Semantic Hierarchy Representation, November 2004.



Master of Science Thesis Advised: Chair of Master of Science Advisory Committee for:

Rong Zheng, New Design of Four-valued Logic Circuit, March 2015.

Sonali Bais, A social search engine implemented on Facebook network, March 2013.

Sumit Tyagi, New Ranking Mechanism for Search Engine, March 2009.

Kunal Chandramoha Tipnis, New Components for Fuzzy Logic Circuits, March 2006.

Guangyu Chen, Web Page Genre Classification, March 2006.

Nick Tullos, Fuzzy Logic Circuit Design Methodology, May 2005.

Yingheng Zhou, A System for Virtual Reality Simulation of Humanoid, November 2004.

Zhongmei Yao, Bidirectional Hierarchical Clustering for Web Browsing, August 2004.

Raj Chukkapalli, Load Balancing Using Pattern Discovery, August 2004.

Sanjay Baberwal, Text Based Indexing Technique for Search Engines, May 2004.

Rohit Dhawan, Distributed Object Space Cluster Architecture for Search Engines, March 2004.

Xiaogang Peng, Automatic Web Page Classification in a Dynamic and Hierarchical Way, August 2002.


Master of Science Practicum Advised: Chair of Master of Science Advisory Committee for:

Surya chaitanya Bingi, Code Mobility with Cache in Distributed Systems using Javaspaces, March 2010.

SivaRoop Tejaswi Peesapati , User Profiling based on Browser and Application Usage, November 2009.

Xiaomei Huang, Text Summarization Using Concept Hierarchy, August 2008.

Praveen Kumar Durgam, Personal Information Retrieval System, November 2007.

Xiancong Xiong, Web Crawler Update Policy, March 2007.

Kunal Chandramoha Tipnis (Electrical Engineering), New Components for Fuzzy Logic Circuits, March 2006.

Vidyasagar Vasamsetty (co-advised with Prof. Charles Robinson), Analyses of Rotational Singularities in Visual Cortex, May 2004.

Bin Zheng (co-advised with Prof. Donald Haynie), A Bioinformatics Approach for Identification Peptide Motifs for Nanotechnology, May 2004.

Yanbing Chen, Humanoid Motion Description and Simulation, March 2003.

Yun Teng, Automated Classification of World Wide Web Documents, March 2002.

Baolin Li, HTML Document Keywords Generation, March 2002.

Nakul Bharade, Web Effective Communication, March 2002.

Chaoyang Zhang, Distributed Processing Development using Visual C++ and DCOM, March 2002.

Qing Guo, A Personal Web Search Filter, March 2002.

Meihuan Zhu, Web Site Classification Implemented using Distributed Computation, November 2001.

Wen Tian, Design of an Adaptive Web Cache Access Predictor Using Neural Network, November 2001.

Lin Ming, Web Explorer, November 2001.

Min Xu, Online Store: E-Commerce Application, March 2001.

Qiaoyu Lu, Web-pages Compression, March 2001.

Jianxin Chen, Automatic Classification of Web Pages, May 2000.

Xiaosheng Lu, Web-based CGI and Java Application, May 2000.

Yongjing Lin, Web Server Construction and Web Searching, May 2000.

Cheng Yu, Online Airline Ticket System using CORBA Technique, May 2000.


< Teaching >


Years of teaching at Louisiana Tech University


PowerPoint slides developed for hardware, software, and algorithm courses


New courses developed on designing new computer and on advanced problem-solving using computer (working on 2 textbooks)


Courses taught, ranging from software design, digital design, computer architecture, programming language, algorithm, senior capstone, to advanced graduate courses


Ph.D. students supervised and graduated


Master of Science students (thesis and practicum) supervised and graduated



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