Graduate Studies, COES                                                                         

Louisiana Tech University                                                                      

Ruston, Louisiana  71272                                                                       

(318) 257-4314                                                                                                 



            2008-present     Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Louisiana Tech University

2007-present     Program Chair for Cyberspace Science and Engineering, Louisiana Tech University

2007-present     Maxfield Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Louisiana Tech University

2007-2008         Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Louianaa Tech University

2001-2007         Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Louisiana Tech University

1999-2001         Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Stephen F. Austin State University

1996-1999            Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University

1992-1996            Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University

            Summer 1993    Instructor, Delgado Community College, Algiers, Louisiana



1994-1999            Ph.D. in Mathematics, Louisiana State University, August 1999

Dissertation:  Structure and Minors in Graphs and Matroids

1992-1994            M.S. in Mathematics, Louisiana State University, May 1994

1988-1992            B.S. in Mathematics and Religious Studies, Loyola University (New Orleans),

May 1992.  Honors Thesis:  Children in the Biblical Tradition


Teaching Experience

            I have 19 years teaching experience having served at Louisiana Tech University, Stephen F. Austin State University, Louisiana State University, and Delgado Community College.  In these roles, I have had sole responsibility for instruction and grading in all courses such as Remedial Math, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Business Calculus, Calculus I and II, Multi-variable Calculus, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, non-Euclidean Geometry, and Graph Theory.

As a tenure-track faculty member, I have developed and taught a freshman-level course in applications of graph theory and network theory as well as senior- and graduate-level courses in graph theory.  I have also collaborated with a number of colleagues in both pure and applied mathematics where graph theory and their area of research overlap.  As a result, this has led to my involvement in curricula development in the areas of information technology, engineering, and cyber science. 

I have designed courses in Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics which I have taught regularly, and I have also developed a graduate training seminar in mathematics in which those graduate students at Louisiana Tech who wish to teach are enrolled each year.  At present, in my role as Program Chair for Cyberspace Science and Engineering, I coordinate the PhD tracks in cyber-security within both the PhD in Engineering and PhD in Computational Analysis and Modeling programs.  I am also Shepherding a proposal for a new undergraduate degree program, the B.S. in Cyber Engineering, which has received recent national attention.  In addition to all this, I am the principal investigator and director of the Cyber Discovery project at Louisiana Tech.


Administrative/Leadership Experience

Currently, I am the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and an active member of the Leadership Team for the College of Engineering and Science.  As part of the Leadership Team, I have also served as chairman for the Ethics and Professionalism Team, and a member of the Undergraduate Programs Team as well as the lead on the Graduate Programs Team.  I serve as the principal investigator for Cyber K-12 (FIE#U215K090140) as well as the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program (NSF-0733825).  I currently serve as the mathematics principal investigator for numerous interdisciplinary projects, including LaTechSTEP (NSF-0622462), S-STEM (NSF-0631083), and NASA-Threads (NASA-NNX09AH81A) working with teachers from over 20 high schools in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas – including Lovejoy ISD, with plans to expand to Frisco ISD in the next few years.  Prior to serving as Associate Dean, I was an active member of the Research and Graduate Studies Team as well as an associate on the Leadership Team for the College of Engineering and Science.  In addition to this, I have served as the Vice-chair of the MAA’s Louisiana-Mississippi Section, and was co-host of the regional meeting (February 2006).  While other administrative and leadership experiences are listed in this vita, a few of special significance will now be described.

            Since 2007, I have served as Program Chair for Cyberspace Science and Engineering (reporting directly to the dean) and am the chief architect for the Cyber Discovery High School Professional Development program at Louisiana Tech.  Working closely with the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City and the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY, we are on the verge of having the first B.S. program in Cyber Engineering in the country.  This program integrates the best of computer science with electrical engineering as well as the social and political science needed to be a successful engineer in an increasingly cyber-insecure society.

            As Associate Dean of graduate studies, I oversee all graduate programs in the College of Engineering and Science.  We have 3 Ph.D. programs all of which are interdisciplinary in nature, including the joint PhD/MD degree in Biomedical Engineering; the administrative structure of the college is also highly interdisciplinary which requires more attention to needs across the college having the effect of producing a college that is more ‘flat’ than is typical.  Thus, as Associate Dean, I provide leadership in the area of quality advising, the writing of theses and dissertations, and the integration of graduate students into new inter- and multi-disciplinary research programs.  I manage the entire GA-budget for the college, integrating the grant-funding within the college into the overall budget for all funding of graduate students (approximately $3M, at present).


Current Interdisciplinary Grants (approximately $4.7M)


Cyber K-12:  Building a foundation for cyber education in North Louisiana – U.S. Dept. of Education - FIE # U215K090140 – an expansion of LaTechSTEP (see below) in collaboration with the Cyber Innovation Center.  Integrating STEM with humanities disciplines to develop meaningful professional development for high school teachers in the context of cyber.  2009-2011  (PI and Project Director; disciplinary PI’s Heath Tims, Brian Etheridge)


NASA-Threads – NASA- NNX09AH81A – weaves together physics fundamentals, hands-on activities, technology, NASA applications, and communication in an active delivery format that is both fun and challenging for students. 2009-2011 (co-PI with Heath Tims and Danny Bell)


STEM-Plus:  Louisiana Tech's Robert Noyce Scholarship Program – NSF-0733825 – trains highly-qualified K-12 teachers who have a strong contextual understanding of mathematics and science. Upon completion of the B.S. degree in a STEM discipline, the program provides a one-year track leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching. An alternate one-year track for STEM professionals who have already completed their B.S. is available.  2008-2012 (PI and Project Director; co-PI’s Jim Nelson and Connie LaBorde)


Louisiana Tech’s STEM Talent Expansion Program (LaTechSTEP) – NSF-0622462 – stimulates interest in STEM topics at the high school level by partnering with area high school math and science teachers in Discovery Weekends for high school students.  This project provides the opportunity for STEM majors to serve as Student Mentors and have hands-on teaching experiences early in their undergraduate studies.  A Freshman Enrichment Program (FrEP) – NSF-0631083    provides additional support and community building for students transitioning into college.  2007-2012 (co-PI with Jim Nelson and Kelly Crittenden)



Graduate Students

            Joshua Hughes, Ph.D., Obstruction Sets for Classes of Cubic Graphs, 2005

Erik Oslund, M.S., Graphs and Directed Graphs, 2001

Nicholas Richardson, current



Research Interests

            Graph Theory, Matroid Theory, Combinatorics, Educational Mathematics, Engineering Education,

Cyber Engineering, Cyber-security, Information Technology.



Structure and Minors in Graphs and Matroids, Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University, 1999.

“An included-minor result for 3-connected graphs with contractible edges,”

Discrete Mathematics  214 (2000), 291-297.

            “Planar Groups,” (with C. Starr) Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics  19 (2004), 283-295.

            “A generalization of Dirac’s theorem:  Subdivisions of wheels,”

Discrete Mathematics  297 (2005), 202-205.

            Orientable one-circuit double covers,” (with C. Seaquist)

Topology Proceedings  29 (2005), 333-341.

“A novel method for characterization of peripheral nerve fiber size distributions by group delay

measurements and simulated annealing,” (with R. Szlavik) IEEE EMBS Conference, Vancouver (2008)

            “Complementary Graphs and the Chromatic Number,” (with C. Starr)

Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences  20 (2008), 19-26.

“Cycle minors and subdivisions of wheels,”

Journal of Graph Theory  62 (2009), 100-108.

“Triangle-rounded matroids,” submitted to Discrete Mathematics.

“Obstruction sets for cubic outer-planar and outer-cylindrical graphs,” (with J. Hughes)

submitted to the Journal of Graph Theory.


Engineering Education

LaTechSTEP:  Louisiana Tech University's STEM Talent Expansion Program” (with K. Crittenden, A. Boudreaux, J.D. Nelson) Proceedings of the 2007 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

“IMELT:  Integrating Mathematics, Engineering, and Literacy in the Teaching of Mathematics” (with H. Tims, D. Schillenger) Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

“Increasing Student Success in Engineering and Science Through a Freshman Enrichment Program” (with K. Crittenden, A. Boudreaux, J.D. Nelson) Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

TechSTEP: Connecting High School Teachers and Students to Integrated Engineering and Science” (with K. Crittenden, A. Boudreaux, J.D. Nelson) Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

“A model for high-school teacher professional development and student learning” (with J. Nelson, K. Crittenden, and A. Boudreaux) Proceedings of the 2009 Frontiers in Education.

Cyber Discovery - Integrated Approach to Cyber Studies” (with H. Tims, C. Duncan, B. Etheridge) Proceedings of the 2009 Frontiers in Education.

Studies in Cyberspace: Honors, Professional Teacher Development, Curricular Development, and Systemic Change in Louisiana” (B. Etheridge, H. Tims, C. Duncan) Honors in Practice  6 (2010), 189-201.

“Building a collaborative K-12 partnership” (with H. Tims, J. Nelson, M. Wooley, M. Nelson) Proceedings of the 2010 ASEE Conference and Exposition.

“NASA-Threads: a hands-on context based approach to a high school STEM course” (with H. Tims, K. Corbett, D. Hall) Proceedings of the 2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.

“Engineering a Context-Based College Algebra Course” (with K. Corbett, J. Nelson, H. Tims) Proceedings of the 2010 Frontiers in Education.




U.S. Department of Education (DoEd);

Cyber K-12:  Building a foundation for cyber education in North Louisiana, 2009-2011.

(Engineering-PI Heath Tims and Humanities-PI Brian Etheridge)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA);

NASA-Threads, 2009-2011.

(co-PI’s with Heath Tims (Engineering) and Danny Bell (Superintendent of Lincoln Parish Schools))

Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) Academic Outreach Program;

            Cyber Discovery:  A Professional Development Program for HS Teachers in Cyber, 2008

National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Undergraduate Education;

STEM-Plus: Louisiana Tech University’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, 2008-2012.

(co-PI’s with Jim Nelson (Engineering) and Connie LaBorde (Education))

National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Undergraduate Education;

LaTechSTEP: Louisiana Tech University’s STEM Talent Expansion Program, 2007-2012.

(co-PI with Jim Nelson (Engineering) and Kelly Crittenden (Engineering))

National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Undergraduate Education;

            S-STEM: Louisiana Tech University’s STEM Scholarship Program, 2007-2012.

(co-PI with Jim Nelson (Engineering) and Kelly Crittenden (Engineering))

Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund (LEQSF) Research Competitiveness Grant;

 Minors and Roundedness in Graphs and Matroids, 2003-2007.

Grant through the Travel Grant for Emerging Faculty (TGEF) program through the

Louisiana Board of Regents.  Funded travel to the Cumberland Conference, 2004.

Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program; DEEP Understanding in Mathematics, 2002.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Equipment Grant,

Louisiana Tech University, 2001


    Proposals submitted (pending)

            National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education;

                        Cyber-Threads:  Establishing a Regional Cyber Education Center.

(co-PI with David Campbell (Hinds County College), Tom Daniel (Bossier Parish Schools), Laura Goadrich (Bossier Parish Community College) and Jim Roomsburge (South Arkansas Community College))




“Digital Natives or Naively Digital?” Panel at the USAF Global Strike Symposium, 2010

“Career Pathways” Panel for the Coalition for Advancing Cyber-security Education (CACE), 2010

Contributed paper, AMS-MAA Joint meeting, January 2010

ASEE contributed papers (see Engineering Education publications), 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

FIE contributed papers (see Engineering Education publications), 2008, 2009

Spring Engineering & Science Convocation speaker at Louisiana Tech, 2008

            ~ Presentation on ‘The Engineer of 2020’ report published

     by the National Academy of Engineering.

Distinguished Teaching Lecture, Louisiana-Mississippi Section meeting of the MAA, 2008

Engineering and Science Foundation Board Meeting, Fall 2006

            ~ Presented a summary of ‘The Engineer of 2020’ report published

     by the National Academy of Engineering.

Contributed paper, Louisiana-Mississippi Section meeting of the MAA, 2006

Facilitator for the Panel Discussion, "Integrating mathematics with other disciplines,"

AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, 2006

Contributed paper (presented by J. Hughes, Louisiana Tech), AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, 2005

Invited talk, 17th Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing, 2004

Contributed paper (presented by C. Seaquist, Texas Tech),

Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, March 2004

Contributed paper (with B. Schroeder), AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, January 2004

Contributed paper, AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, January 2002

Contributed paper, 32nd Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics,

Graph Theory and Computing, March 2001

Colloquium Lecture, Baylor University Department of Mathematics, October 2000

            Contributed paper, MAA Texas Sectional Meeting, April 2000

            Contributed paper, AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, January 1999


Distinctions and Awards

            Engineering and Science Foundation Award for Research, 2008

Nominee for the MAA Haimo Award, 2008

University Senate Chair Award, Louisiana Tech University, 2007

Recipient of the LA/MS MAA Distinguished Teaching Award, March 2007

Elected by the College of Engineering and Science Faculty to serve

    on the Board of Directors for the Engineering and Science Foundation

Nominee for the LA/MS MAA Distinguished Teacher Award, January 2006

College Nominee for the Virgil Orr Junior Faculty Award, Louisiana Tech, May 2005 and 2006

            Nominee for the MAA’s Henry L. Alder Award, 2003

            Baptist Collegiate Ministry’s Favorite Professor nominee (Louisiana Tech), May 2003

L.S.U. Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award, May 1998

            David Oxley Memorial Graduate Student Teaching Award, December 1998

            L.S.U. Department of Mathematics Certificate of Teaching Excellence (4 years)

            Graduated with Honors, Cum Laude, Loyola University

            Undergraduate Thesis published by Theta-Alpha-Kappa Honors Society in Religious Studies

            Pi-Mu-Epsilon Senior Award in Mathematics, Loyola University

            Who’s Who among American Colleges and Universities

            Presidential Scholarship, Loyola University

            American Legion Citizenship Award, Belle Chasse, Louisiana

            Salutatorian, Belle Chasse High School, Belle Chasse, Louisiana


Professional Activities


Reviewer for Federal Funding Agencies such as that National Science Foundation (current)

Consultant for the U.S. Cyber Challenge, DHS (current)

Coalition for Advancing Cyber-security Education (CACE) organizational meeting, November 2010

NASA-Threads, developing an physics/pre-engineering curriculum, mathematics-PI, 2009-present

Education Advisory Council of the Cyber Innovation Center, 2007-present

Cyber Discovery – teacher professional development in cyber, 2007-present

Engineering Research Council Annual Conference, American Society for Engineering Education, 2009

The University of TexasCharles A. Dana Center’s Annual Higher Education Conference

Ensuring College Readiness in Mathematics and Science, October 2006

Facilitator for Panel Discussion on Integrating Mathematics with Other Disciplines, January 2006

Workshop on Grid Computing, hosted by UT-Austin, December 2005

NSF Workshop on Improving the Mathematics Major, Washington D.C., August 2005

Workshop on Knots in the Biological Sciences, hosted by UT-Dallas, April 2005

University Forum, University of TexasDana Center, May 2002

E.S.L. instructor in Skopje, Macedonian (the former Yugoslav republic), July – August 2000

            Present at the signing and first public announcement of the

Stockholm Accords on Ethnic Cleansing” in Skopje and Gostivar, Macedonia.

Member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

Member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

            Member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

            International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, November 1998

            Research projects in Algebra and Graph Theory – joint work with Dr. Colin Starr

            Referee for a number of professional journals and several textbooks.



Statewide Articulation and Transfer Council / General Education Committee (current)

            Chair of the A.S. in Engineering committee – designing the A.S. degree for Louisiana

Cyber K-12:  Building a foundation for cyber education in North Louisiana, PI, 2009-present

Louisiana Tech’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, PI, 2008-present

Louisiana Tech’s STEM Talent Expansion Program, mathematics-PI, 2005-present

Louisiana Vice-Chair for the Louisiana-Mississippi Section of the MAA, 2005-06

DEEP Understanding in Mathematics, teacher workshop series,

~ LaSIP, January 2002 – June 2002

CombinaTexas Conference, Texas A&M University, March 2001

TEXTeams Institute committee, for UT Dana Center’s “In-Depth Secondary Mathematics,” 2000-2004

            Texas project NExT, Spring 2000 – 2001   

            Referee for the Texas Journal of Science, Spring 2000

            CombinaTexas Conference, Texas A&M University, March 2000

            Texas Statewide Systemic Initiative workshop, Lago Vista, Texas, October 1999

            Participated in the Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program (LaSIP), August 1997

            Louisiana State Literary Rally ~ proctor/grader for various mathematics exams



            University Recruitment & Retention Council (current)

            Facilitator for an NSF grant-writing workshop, 2010

University Behavioral Standards Committee, 2007-present (member since 2007, chair since 2009)

Louisiana Tech’s S-STEM Scholarship Program, mathematics-PI, 2007-present

Engineering and Science Foundation Board member, 2006-present

            University Senate, Louisiana Tech University, 2005-present

Current advisor for two Ph.D. students in the Computational Analysis and Modeling program.

            Graduate Programs Leadership Team, College of Engineering and Science, 2008-present

Undergraduate Programs Leadership Team, College of Engineering and Science

                        ~ 2004 to 2008 (Chair of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee).

            Sensor and Sensor Networks Research Leadership Team, 2003 to 2005.

            Facilitator for a panel review at the “Take a Walk on the Reviewer’s Side” workshop

                        ~ Louisiana Tech University, August 2004

Graduate Committee Member for numerous students in Ph.D. CAM and Ph.D. Engineering programs.

Graduate Committee Member for M.S. students in mathematics and Computer Science.

Advisor for the GK-12 Teaching Fellows program, 2003 to 2010.

Associate Member of the Leadership Team for the College of Engineering and Science

~ September 2002 to January 2003

Graduate Recruitment Committee, Louisiana Tech University, Winter 2001 to 2004

AMS-MAA Math Clubs (SFA) ~ trip to Lockheed-Martin, Fall 1999

            Participant in the Supplemental Instruction program and Stephen F. Austin

            Colloquium Lecture at Baylor University, October 2000

            Participated in Fall Fest, the L.S.U. student social event of the Fall semester, 1998

            Conducted campus-wide review sessions for Calculus at L.S.U.

            Key-note speaker for the L.S.U. Baptist Student Union “Survival Weekend”

                        Hosted by University Baptist Church, Fall 1998

            Faculty Senate (student representative), Loyola University, 1990-92.



Member of the faculty search committee in Mathematics, 2002 to 2006; chair in 2003-04

Member of the faculty search committee in Computers Science, 2004-05

Developed graduate course in graph theory, Winter/Spring 2005

Undergraduate Research Seminar, Spring 2004

Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminar, development and implementation, 2003 to 2008

Developed senior/graduate course in graph theory, Fall/Winter 2003

Member of the faculty search committee in Mechanical Engineering, 2002-03

Discrete Mathematics Research Seminar, Louisiana Tech University, Fall 2001 to 2002

            Member of the Graduate Teaching Assistant recruitment steering committee, 2001-2006

~ Mentor for Graduate Teaching Assistants

                        ~ Active recruiter for the Graduate Program

            Developed freshman, senior, and graduate courses in graph theory

            Chair of the MTH 110 committee (SFA), Spring 2000

            Member of the Curriculum Review committee for the major in mathematics (SFA)

            Undergraduate and Graduate Student advising (SFA)

            Master’s Thesis Director – student:  Erik Oslund, 2000 – 2001 (SFA)

            Developed “Open Problem Friday” for freshman students in graph theory, Spring 2000        



I have been a member of a number of churches in which I have served in the following capacities

~ Deacon (ordained in February 1992 at FBC Belle Chasse, Louisiana)

~ Chairman of Deacons (FBC Belle Chasse, Louisiana)

~ Committees such as Personnel, Nominating, Constitution and By-laws, and

            Committee on Committees, as well as Church-wide Councils

~ Sunday School teacher (single, international, and college departments)

                        ~ Chancel Choir and various vocal Ensembles

                        ~ regular speaker in the International Worship Service (Temple Baptist Church),

    Temple-Tech’s midweek service, and College Beach Retreat.