Jinyuan Chen

That's me 

Jinyuan Chen
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
College of Engineering and Science
Louisiana Tech University

Email: jinyuan@latech.edu
Office: 219, Nethken Hall
Phone: 318 257 3083

About me

I am an Assistant Professor at Louisiana Tech University. Before joining Louisiana Tech, I was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University.

My research interests include information theory and communication theory, as well as their applications in wireless networks, physical layer security, distributed storage, distributed computing, big data and bioinformatics.


•   08/2017: Several talks given at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shenzhen University, Hefei University of Technology, and Northeastern University.

•   06/2017: New paper On the Optimality of Secure Communication Without Using Cooperative Jamming eprint on arXiv:1706.06220.

•   06/2017: I will serve as a technical program committee member at IEEE ICC 2018.

•   06/2017: I will serve as a session chair at IEEE ISIT 2017.

•   04/2017: Paper on massive MIMO has been accepted for presentation at IEEE ISIT 2017.

•   01/2017: Paper on massive MIMO has been submitted for possible publication.

•   12/2016: I am teaching the course of communication systems during the winter quarter.

•   09/2016: Paper on secure capacity of interference channel was presented at Allerton'16, Monticello, IL.

•   09/2016: I served as a session chair at Allerton'16, Monticello, IL.

•   08/2016: I serve as a technical program committee member at IEEE ICC 2017.

•   07/2016: Paper on Heterogeneous Networks with Outdated CSIT appeared in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, July 2016.


I am looking for motivated graduate students with strong mathematical background to join my research group for PhD. Just shoot me an email with your CV if you are interested.