BIEN 400/402/404

400: Biomedical Engineering Seminar. 3-0-1. Preq., BIEN 400, 425. Instruction and practice in conference-type discussions of technical and professional matters of interest to biomedical engineers.

402: Biomedical Engineering Design I. 0-2-2. Preq., BIEN 400, 401, 403, 430; ENGL 303. Individualized design projects requiring integration and synthesis of prior engineering, life science, design and analytical skills. Utilization of the engineering design process and consideration of biomaterials, biomechanics, human factors, ethical and legal concerns, and oral and written communication skills.

404: Biomedical Engineering Design II. 0-2-2. Preq., BIEN 402. A continuation of BIEN 402.

BIEN 321

321: Animal Physiology for Biomedical Engineers.

BIEN 533

533: Biomedical Optics. 0-3-3. Preq., BIEN 510 and instructor approval. Interaction of radiation with cells and tissue. Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of optics in medicine and biology. Point measurements, imaging, and microscopy.