Polymer Education

Chain Growth Polymer Synthesis

Polymerization Visualization

This model shows a chain growth polymerzation (with some simplifying assumptions). It includes a matlab .m file where you can change the parametrers (described in the .m file) and videos with a few select parameter sets. The high monomer concentration; fast termination case is shown to the right.

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High Monomer Concentration;
Slow Termination
Might Monomer Concentration;
Fast Termination
Low Monomer Concentration;
Fast Termination

Distribution Model

This model describes the distribution and conversion of a chain growth synthesis. The download link contains a matlab .m and .fig file necessary to run the model.

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Visualization of Polymer Conformations

The following videos demonstrate the conformations of polymers in a solvent.

Chain Length Effect

This video shows polyemrs of various lengths in a solvent. The blue chain is 10 monomers long, the red is 50, the gray is 100, the yellow is 500, and the green is 1000. The relative size and diffusion rates of each length is readily apparent.

High Quality (261MB) Medium Quality (87MB) Low Quality (27MB)

Solvent Quality Effect

This video shows polymer that are 500 monomers long under different qualities of solvent. The increasing radius of gyration (Rg) with solvent quality is readily apparent.

Blue   >   Red   >   Gray   >  Yellow  >  Green
Poor Solvent >>> Theta Solvent >>> Good Solvent
High Quality (261MB) Medium Quality (87MB) Low Quality (21MB)

Contraction of a Stretched Chain Caused by Entropy

This video shows a polymer chain that is stretched initial and then contracts because of the higher entropy of the coiled state. The chain is held in the stretched state for the first half of the movie, and then released and allowed to equilibrate. The end beads are shown in red and enlarged so that they are easy to identify.

High Quality (18MB)

Molecular Simulation Basics Resources

Intro to MD Chapter

This chapter by Michael Allenis an excellent introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

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Intro to MD Short Course

This series of 10 short lectures by Professor Ashlie Marini from Purdue University is an excellent introduction to the basic ideas behind molecular dynamics simulations with excellent images explaining each point.

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Potential Energy Functions

Lecture 3: Integration Algorithms

Lecture 4: Temperature Control

Lecture 5: Boundary Conditions

Lecture 6: Neighbor List

Lecture 7: Initialization

Lecture 8: Static Properties

Lecture 9: Dynamic Properties

Lecture 10: Non-equilibrium MD

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Chemical Engineering Education

Outline of Chemical Engineering Process Design

This powerpoint provides a general overview of chemical plants and the manner in which they are designed.

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Outline of Chemical Engineering Process Design

Rules for Good Scientific Plots

This powerpoint provides an extensive list of rules for making good scientific plots.

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Rules for Good Scientific Plots

Discussion Questions

The following questions are to be used to study and asses your own knowledge. Many of them are taken from the LearnChemE website. would be happy to discuss the answers in office hours once you have attempted them yourself.

Absorption and Stripping
Costing and Economy
Liquid Liquid Extraction

Continuous Distillation Questions-students.png


Ruston Farmer's Market

Our group works to design experiments geared toward encouraging participation in STEM. We then run the experiments with students at the Ruston Farmer's Market.