If you are in one of my English 101 or 102 classes, you may find the following resources handy as you study the Iliad, the Odyssey, etc.

Mythology in Western Art. I like this web site because it gives you pictures. Most of the pictures are of art depicting the gods of ancient Greece, so you can see how people have visualized Zeus, Poseidon, and the rest of the gang.

Electronic Resources for Classicists. This is a site that will point your way to all things classic on the internet. It's Back to the Future on the Information Highway. "Roads? Where we'll be going, we don't need roads!"

 Perseus Project Home Page. Here is a site that can help you with those tricky identifications. You can type in a name, and you will get information an that person. Also the site has ancient documents in the original languages and in modern translations.

  1. Click to Perseus
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Click on the English button
  4. Type in the name you are looking for
  5. Go down to the box where you can select the range for searching. Go down the list until you come to Homer & select him.
  6. Click on the Search button.
  7. When the results come up, click on the passage you want to read. The name will be in bold font.
Hermes Project Home Page. This is the Greek and Roman Civilisation site at UCD. These extensive pages include archaeology, literature, mythology, history as well as a cinema and a not-so-serious page!

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