AMRL Research

Our laboratory focuses on the integration of advanced carbon materials into micro- and nano- devices and systems to realize new functions for analytical, biomedical, water treatment and energy applications. A major effort is on exploring new methods to develop robust microarray sensor technology that could advance personal biomonitoring. Particularly, sensors that are biocompatible and chemically stable for chronic monitoring will be ground breaking and clinically relevant. Other areas of interest are to explore nanodiamond-enabled advanced electrochemical oxidation of water pollutants, high surface area electrodes for energy density storage and sub-micron probes for single cell analysis. Our students will gain valuable hands-on research experience in design, material synthesis, fabrication, characterization and testing of the envisioned devices. These projects are in close collaboration with academia, industry, and government labs.

Our focus is on the following fundamental and applied research areas:

Carbon nanomaterial synthesis and characterization
Carbon electrochemistry
Surface/materials engineering for implantable electrodes and coatings
Nano-Bio-Neuro Electrochemical Sensors for in vitro and in vivo use
Tools for single cell analysis
Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water Treatment
Electrodes for Energy Storage


Dr. Shabnam Siddiqui, Co-Investigator (Louisiana Tech)
Dr. Teresa Murray (Louisiana Tech)
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.
Center for Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center


Board of Regents€“ Opportunities for Partnerships in Technology with Industry NASA EPSCoR - Small Equipment Grant
Board of Regents Support Fund – Research Competitiveness Subprogram
NASA EPSCoR Research Award Program