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Wheelock-Linked Explanations and Practices

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This material may be used independently or in conjunction with Wheelock's Fifth Edition.

Summary Tables: Verbs

Compare Active and Passive Forms html ---
Summarize All Tenses html ---
Summarize Particular Verbs: All Conjugations 
  • active
  • passive
  • deponent
  • irregular
html ---
Relate Verb Forms to the Principle Parts html ---
Assorted Diagrams 
  • Forming a future indicative active tense 
  • Forming an imperfect indicative active tense 
  • Forming a perfect indicative active tense 
  • Identifying indicative active tenses 
--- pdf
Form the Subjunctives html pdf
What Difference Does the Conjugation Number Make? 
html pdf
What Difference Does the Conjugation Number Make? 
html pdf
Selected Verb Charts --- pdf

Summary Tables: Nouns and Adjectives

Assorted Grammatical Handouts 
  • Rules for accentuation 
  • 1st declension endings 
  • 2d declension masculine endings 
  • 2d declension neuter endings 
  • 3d declension endings 
  • 1st and 2d conjugation present imperatives 
  • 1st, 2d, 3d declension endings: summary chart 
  • 1st-5th declension endings: summary chart 
  • Words with -ius genitives 
  • 1st person endings indicative, simple and perfect tenses 
  • Active and passive indicative endings for the 1st conjugation 
--- pdf
Compare Case-endings Across All Declensions html ---
All Typical Noun-Adjective Combinations Summarized; html ---
Typical Noun-Adjective Combinations Declined html ---
-IUS Genitives / UNUS NAUTA Words html ---
Selected Noun and Adjective Charts in Handout Form --- pdf
  --- ---

Explanation and Practice Pages

Rules for Accentuation in Latin html pdf
The Idea of Case in Latin html pdf
Forming the Nominative Plurals, Decl. 1-3 html pdf
What are Indirect Objects (in English and in Latin)? html pdf
Syntactical Flexibility in Latin html pdf
Relative Pronouns html pdf
Adjectives: Third Declension Ablative Singular in -I html pdf

Wheelock-Linked Vocabulary

Vocabulary Grid, Chapters 1-20 html pdf
Vocabulary Grid, Chapters 21-40 html pdf
Verbs by Conjugation Number html pdf

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