Nathan Green

Office: Nethken 221
E-mail: ngreen [AT]

Nathan Green

I am an assistant professor in mathematics at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA.

Research Interests

My research is in algebraic number theory and focuses on special values of zeta functions, multiple zeta functions and L-functions in function fields. In particular, I apply techniques from Drinfeld modules to study these special values. One of the main goals driving my research is to understand the transcendence of and algebraic relations between these special values.


My work is currently supported by:

Research Competitiveness Subprogram grant (RCS) funded by the Board of Regents of the state of Louisiana - 06/23 through 06/26 - $148,109

NSF Algebra and Number Theory grant 2302399 - 09/23 through 09/26 - $139,074

Interdisciplinary Art Grant

In 2019-2020 I worked with UCSD MFA student Grace Grothaus to create a visual represenation of my research in transcendental number theory. Here is a small sample of the completed project, called "Transcendere". Our work was funded by a mini-grant from the Research Communications Program of UCSD Physical Sciences.


You can also see a short video clip showing the effect the iridescent inks give the painting. The painting is displayed in the AP&M building at UCSD.


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Current CV here (updated May 2024)


Mellin Transform Formulas for Drinfeld Modules (With O. Gezmis)
Submited for publication, 35 pages (2024) [pdf | arxiv]

A Motivic Pairing and the Mellin Transform in Function Fields
Submited for publication, 32 pages (2022) [pdf | arxiv]

An Equivariant Tamagawa Number Formula for t-Modules and Applications (With C. Popescu)
Submited for publication, 27 pages (2022) [pdf | arxiv]

On log-algebraic identities for Anderson t-modules and characteristic p multiple zeta values (With T. Ngo Dac)
IMRN (accepted for publication), 50 pages (2022) [pdf | arxiv]

Algebraic Relations Among Special Zeta Values on Elliptic Curves (With T. Ngo Dac)
Forum of Mathematics, Sigma (accepted for publication), 41 pages (2020) [pdf | arxiv]

An Equivariant Tamagawa Number Formula for Drinfeld Modules and Applications (With J. Ferrara, Z. Higgins and C. Popescu)
Algebra and Number Theory (accepted for publication), 41 pages (2020) [pdf | arxiv]

Taylor Coefficients of t-Motivic Multiple Zeta Values and Explicit Formulae (With C. Y. Chang and Y. Mishiba)
Math. Annalen, (2020), 379(2):1-50. [journal | arxiv]

Special zeta values using tensor powers of Drinfeld modules
Math. Res. Letters, vol. 26, (2019), no. 6, 1629 – 1676. [journal | arxiv]
Note: This version contains a couple extra details in the proof of Theorem 6.2 compared to the published version.

Tensor powers of rank 1 Drinfeld modules and periods
Journal of Number Theory (accepted for publication), 28 pages (2019) [pdf | arxiv]

Tensor powers of Drinfeld modules and zeta values
Ph.D. thesis, Texas A&M University (2018) [pdf]

Special L-values and shtuka functions for Drinfeld modules on elliptic curves (with M. Papanikolas)
Research in the Mathematical Sciences (RMS), 5 (2018), no. 1, Paper No. 4, 47 pp. [journal | arxiv]

Integral traces of weak Maass forms of genus zero (with P. Jenkins)
The Ramanujan Journal, (2016), 1-26 [journal | arxiv]

Singular moduli for a distinguished non-holomorphic modular function (with V. Dose, M. Griffin, T. Mao, L. Rolen, L. Willis)
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 143 (2015), no. 3, 965-972 [journal]