Step 1: Installing the RAM

You will want to start by pulling the motherboard out of its box and anti-static bag. Lay the anti-static bag flat and place the motherboard on top of it.

Take your RAM out of whatever package it came in. In each stick of RAM, or DIMM, you will notice a small notch. There is a matching notch on the slots on the motherboard. This is so they can only be inserted one way.

If you have a motherboard that supports dual-channel or triple-channel memory, you will want to check you motherboard manual for the correct configuration. In general, though, it is best to match colors (i.e. Put both DIMMs in the blue slots).

Simply open up the little hooks on the board, line up the DIMMs with the slots, and push down until the little hooks grab onto the RAM.

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Step 2: Processor >>

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