Step 7: Wiring Everything Together

This can get complicated. There are whole articles and websites dedicated to proper cable management. I suggest you google some research material on this. We will cover the basics, though.

The easiest way to cover this is with a checklist. Just make sure everything on this list is connected.

  • Motherboard
    • 20/24 Pin Connector
  • Processor
    • Fan connector
  • Hard Drive
    • Power Connector
    • SATA Cable
  • Optical Drive
    • Power Connector
    • SATA Cable
  • Graphics Card
    • Power Connector
  • Case
    • Buttons and LEDs (read your manual)
    • Fans

Most things will have two connectors on them: a power plug and a data plug. If something has empty ports or dangling cables, try to figure out where they go.

Step 8: Finishing Touches >>

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