We have various facilities in the group and on campus for catalysis research. We also have access to national lab facilities via user proposals and collaboration.

Dedicated Equipment

    A Continuous flow fixed-bed reactor for methane coupling and ethane/propane dehydrogenation

    A Continuous flow fixed-bed reactor for methanol oxidation and thermal runaway investigation

    An Agilent Gas Chromatograph with FID, TCD, liquid-phase autosampler, and gas-phase online sampler

    An Agilent HP 5973N Mass Selective Detector

    A Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA) instrument

    A high-pressure Parr reactor (Series 4560, 600 ml, 350 °C, 2000 psi)

    CO/H2 chemisorption and H2-O2 titration instruments

    TPD/TPR/TPO/TPSR (temperature-programmed desorption, reduction, oxidation and surface reaction) instruments

    Three High-temperature furnaces (up to 1200 °C)

General-Use Equipment

    Hitachi SEM

    Bruker XRD

    Kratos XPS

    Nova BET Analyzer

    Alcatel A601E ICP

Access via User Facilities or Collaboration

    In situ XPS (Dr. Dmitry Zemlyanov, Purdue University )

    In situ EXAFS/XANES/XRD at the Advanced Photon Source (Dr. Jeff T. Miller, Purdue University and Argonne National Laboratory)

    In situ/operando ToF-SIMS (Dr. Xiao-Ying Yu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)