Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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* corresponding authors; #: equal contribution.

Louisiana Tech University

(31). Hao Li, Xue Liu, Yan Zhang, Yang Xiao*, and Kun Cao* A Kinetic Model of the Cycloaddition Reactions Between Cyclopentadiene and 1, 3‐Butadiene for Synthesis of 5-vinyl-2-norbornene, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2024, 102 (5), 1946-1956. PDF | Link


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(27). Zhichao Shang, Yong Yu, Hang Yang, Zhongxiang Yang, Yang Xiao*, Xiaohong Wang* One-step Solution Combustion Synthesis of Micro/nano-scale Porous Cu/CeO2 with Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties, Journal of Rare Earths, 2023, 41, 2, 250-258. PDF | Link


Purdue University

(26). Zhe Li#, Yang Xiao#*, Prabudhya Roy Chowdhury, Zhenwei Wu, Tao Ma, Johnny ZhuChen, Gang Wan, Tae-Hoon Kim, Dapeng Jing, Peilei He, Pratik J. Potdar, Lin Zhou, Zhenhua Zeng, Xiulin Ruan, Jeffrey T. Miller, Jeffrey P. Greeley, Yue Wu*, and Arvind Varma, Direct Methane Activation by Atomically Thin Platinum Nanolayers on Two-dimensional Metal Carbides, Nature Catalysis, 2021, 4, 882-891. PDF | Link.

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Ph. D. Thesis

Yang Xiao, Heterogeneous Catalysis for Biodiesel Production and Utilization of its Byproduct Crude Glycerol by Selective Oxidation, Southeast University (China), March 2015, 137 + xii pages. Co-advised by Dr. Guomin Xiao (Southeast University) and Dr. Arvind Varma (Purdue University) PDF.